2000 dodge dakota manual transmission rebuild kit

Main shaft Shim Kit.29, tRS334206K, countershaft Shim Kit.62, tRS334703-2K 3-4, 5-R Syncro Key Spring Kit.16 TRS334271K Needle Kit.98 TRS334201 Front Repair Kit.98 TRS334001A Top Cover Small Parts.98 TRS334001 Small Parts open pdf viewer windows Kit.98 ALT4167969 Fork Pad Kit.12 mwtnv23165 Case.
Parts List New Venture5600 98 black ops 2 cracked multiplayer bots up Trucks 6 Speed heavy duty transmission Parts List.
With the torque specs this high it absolutely must be burly to stand up to repeated use.You can also locate parts to repair your Chrysler Dodge transmissions.Or to discuss in detail the aspects of your vehicle transmission call the Midwest Transmissions Center the drive train expert.The shifter is at the front of the top cover.(19Tmain shaft Gear) uded only in early GM apps 1992 to 1994, mates with 334585-2B 256.46 63 TRS334585-1 NV4500 counter shaft 5th Gear (51T).34 ratio 22T Main shaft Gear.25" dia, Mates to or 334585-2A 233.93 63 TRS334585-1K NV4500 counter shaft 5th Gear 51t.9 bolt aluminum side cover.Getrag 1988-93 Cummins Turbo Diesel Trucks Parts List 49 Cast iron, top loaded case with an aluminum top cover and tower shift.Chrysler 4 Speed Transmissions: New Process A833.Also available are bearing retainers, shift components, misc parts.The main bearings are tapered while the input pocket bearing is a caged needle bearing.The cluster gear has three steps.Midwest Transmission an automotive parts rebulider and re-manufacturer can help you with your NV3500 HM290 tal, huge Inventory Reduction Sale on NV3500 HM290.Fully synchronized in all forward gears with 36 tooth brass syncro rings.We also offer remanufactured NV4500 transmissions.
We offer a no hassle 12 month warranty, performance guaranteed.
Below we provide a NV3500 parts illustrations (2 pages) to assist you with correct identification of the parts you need.

Cast iron, top loaded case with side shifter linkage.Main shaft 1st/Reverse gear has 26 teeth and the cluster gear has four steps.We sell only high quality used Dodge Dakota automatic transmissions, with 1-3 years warranty and free shipping.Non-synchronized in 1st gear with aluminum ring/pin assembly for 2nd-4th gears.The NV3500 is an aluminum case with integrated bell-housing, and a waffle pattern on the case.The NV3500 was used by Dodge in 1994 to 2004.The front bearing retainer has four bolts.Guaranteed quality and correct parts supplied. As usual, we have not compromised a thing; you can tell the first time you pick it up!
Getting the correct parts takes some work, there are three separate designs known as the Getrag HM290, the 5LM60 Muncie and the New Venture NV3500.