armed services pricing manual now

Yes, I have access to the Contract Pricing Reference Guides link, but was hoping for something hard copy.
I haven't found that via google search but I'm on my BB, so the going was slow.
Internet connection at work is not the greatest and IE tends to freeze every now and then on me - which is why I don't like using the links.I asked the DAU help desk and they said they don't have a PDF option for the Conract Pricing Reference Guides, but hope to have the capability to do so in 1QTR of calendar year 2012.Vern, I think Tara is inquiring about hard copies of contract pricing reference manuals.I may just end up trying to print it out section by section.An older reference is the DOD Armed Services Pricing Manual.This topic is now closed to further replies.# Open the downloaded BitTorrent file in the BitTorrent client (like The client will start the download and show you the estimated time to complete the download (note, this number can change as more and faster providers come online with that files).!Beware of Copyrights I'm.
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