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Moral Choice: The Weapons Locker, put weapons back, this is the black and decker iron repair manuals positive choice and you get nothing, except a harsh life lesson - that being nice is for suckers like children and Polly Anna.
Touch Not a Cat but a Glove (50 points You need to shoot all Maneki Neko cats in the game.
Make sure he stays alive long enough to find.Mission 2 Neko Cat, in the zone where you go across a toppled skyscraper, stop right before you leave the area.Humanist (30 points You need to save every hostage.Make sure to equip a silenced weapon before leaving the room after making your choice.Grenadier (10 points You need to kill 3 or more enemies with a single grenade.Additionally, there are sixteen secret achievements: Rock, Paper, Scissors (5 points Beat your partner at i spy spooky house game rock, paper, scissors three times in a row.Purist (20 points Make only positive choices.

Loot and Pillage (20 points You need to collect 1,000,000.Play the game until reaching the cutscene with the moral choice.Get across the street using the collapsed skyscraper and head inside.There may be civilians around that you should protect or alternate paths that you and your partner can exploit.Find one or two to change your look.Work through the rubble of the building, whack enemies, and head downstairs to the next area.Consider sending your partner to Aggro Hold the emplaced weapon and use a shotgun to waste the Shotgun Heavy at the stairs.
For the record, heavy masonary buildings of this type are seldom seen in Shanghai (the load-bearing masonary wall is more of an American thing).
To the left of this sign is the Neko Cat.