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In astro File Manager astro-4.5.627, cESS_network_state, cESS_wifi_state.
File(s) : astro File Manager.3.1 Description/changelog of astro File Manager.3.1 : * Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German * Add songs to playlists * Search Text inside files * Improved memory management * sftp network support Beta - expires 5/31.
T_accounts, t_tasks, ternet, lL_background_processes, nAGE_accounts, start_packages, t_wallpaper.File(s) : astro File Manager.4.0 Description/changelog of astro File Manager.4.0 : New system mechanic 11.7 pro crack SMB (Windows) and Bluetooth network modules (separate downloads) Beta - expires 7/15.Almost everyone realise that Astro File Manager APK is among the top-notch free Productivity apps and in addition as indicated by playstore the app contains close to installations, this proves just how successful the software engineers at Metago.File(s) : astro File Manager.3.0 Description/changelog of astro File Manager.3.0 : * Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German * Add songs to playlists * Search Text inside files * Improved memory management * sftp network support Beta - expires 5/31.03/31 File(s) : astro File Manager.2.3 Description/changelog of astro File Manager.2.3 : * Configure individual directory preferences * Updated Task Manager * bug fixes Beta - exp.More than just installations and the app also has 580282 positive ratings with the overall score of 4 stars from.Astro File Manager is among the top rated free Productivity apps designed by Metago.Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version: Description/changelog of, astro File Manager.5.2 : This new permanent version includes mobile ads.Read more about how indexing works in the Description.December 3, 2016 by, browserCam 12 Views, december 3, 2016 by, browserCam 41 Views, december 3, 2016 by, browserCam 11 Views, december 4, 2016 by, browserCam 659 Views.With approximately 580282 ratings at google appstore users, this app has an avg.Everyone available from google app store in fact it is used by them to make the decision whether or not to install the app in the mobile gadget which happens to be accessible to their teenagers.In comparison to some heavy Productivity apps, this doesnt hang your mobilephone at all and just needs.7 MB of gadget storage space to install.

Rating of 4 stars.If you are aware of a newer version.Today we enjoy each and every update as you can find new features with nearly every new update and additionally Metago.In astro File Manager astro-4.5.627.4.564 - Support for x86 devices - updated to new Box API.4-543 - fixed several small bugs on several different platforms.4-541 - Improved memory usage - Improved Skydrive support.4-528 - Indexed Searches.Astro File Manager or an older one, which is not listed here, please feel free to add it!Are attempting their best to give you updates every now and then while the version.Write_settings, stall_shortcut, aD_settings rmission.Beta - expires 7/15.
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Freeware, android, apps, astro File Manager, astro File Manager helps you manage files and tasks, backup applications, send files as attachments, view thumbnails and images.