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Gov (US laws and program english genius eye 312 legislation) Congressional Research Service reports: m - Everycrsreport Constitutions of the World Online (1000 constitutional documents; in Germany) Council on Foreign Relations reports (250 publications on US-international issues) Debs collection of political pamphlets (hundreds digitized from a collection of 2000 print.
University of Toronto Books Online (800 titles as page images wiretap Electronic Text Archive (one of the oldest etext collections still online).
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Org) Chabad Lubavitch Books (books on Hasidic Judaism) Christian Classics Ethereal Library (at Calvin College) The Church in the Southern Black Community (at UNC) Classical Jewish texts (in Hebrew, in Israel) Digital Quaker Collection (at Earlham) Divine Life Society (writings on Hindu religion and philosophy).I love manual of engineering drawing simmons pdf you three easy words to say, no?The iTunes player software is available for free download here.Org) Project Wittenberg (Lutheran texts; at ICLnet) Reading the Vedic Literature in Sanskrit (at Maharishi University) Restoration Movement texts (at ) Saint Pachomius Library (Orthodox and other Christian texts; at fo) Secular Web Library (atheist and related literature; at infidels.Org) ORB Library (medieval texts) Perseus Project (classical Greek texts in translation; at Tufts) Renascence Editions (16th-18th century texts,.For text and teaching materials in less common languages, see ucla's Language Materials Project.Send your book request to m All rights reserved 2014 net1 Privacy Policy.Philosophy Poetry Politics, Government, Law African Activist Archive (thousands of documents, images, and other materials on 20th century African political activism; at MSU State) American Radicalism Collection (at MSU) The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School (historic law-related texts) CIA Freedom of Information Act.
Org) Historical Text Archive (at Mississippi State) History of Economic Thought Archives (at McMaster) History of Gems, Gemology, and Mining Library (at m) The Internet Classics Archive (Greek and Roman texts) Internet Medieval Sourcebook (at Fordham) Internet Modern History Sourcebook (at Fordham) LacusCurtius: Into the.
Org) Amazing Facts Library (Seventh-Day Adventist material) Ars Floreat (spiritual texts in Dutch) Bahá'i Academics Resource Library (at bahai-library.

The Sign of the Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, save Time and support this free audiobook site by ordering one of our collections 200 Classic Audio Books on one DVD for .95!Oxford Text Archive (in the UK the Bibliomania Library (from Data Text project Bartleby (by Steven van Leeuwen).Life was easy in ancient Greece and Rome, when gay men could show their love openly.Significant smaller-scale archives, everything else we see worth listing that doesn't fit in more specialized categories.Org) Online Library of Liberty (1000 full text books and pamphlets, sponsored by Liberty Fund, Inc.) OpenCRS (public access to research reports on current political events prepared for the US Congress) Reason in Revolt: Source Documents of Australian Radicalism (in Australia) Registry.S.Dopp explains in 32 lessons for elementary school children.We break these out into categories: Large-scale repositories, significant indexes and search aids, significant smaller-scale archives, large-scale repositories, these are big collections of texts, big enough to act as small library-like collections in their own right.(at LOC) The Choral Public Domain Library (thousands of choral scores) Historic American Sheet Music (3000 pieces, : at Duke) imslp Petrucci Music Library (nearly 100,000 scores, plus thousands of recordings; in Canada) IN Harmony: Sheet Music From Indiana (10,000 pieces from various Indiana institutions).May Anti-Slavery Collection (thousands of pamphlets at Cornell) Schulze-Greenleaf Library (250 16th-century printed books; at Northwestern) Victorian Women Writers Project (at Indiana) Witchcraft Collection (at Cornell) World Digital Library (digitized heritage materials from all countries) World War I Document Archive (at BYU) World War.HathiTrust (2,000,000 freely readable titles, and additional search-only titles, from Google and elsewhere).See also our own serials listings.
Africa: General and multinational: South Africa: Asia: Europe: General and multinational: Belgium: Hungary: Ireland: Poland: Spain: United Kingdom: North and Central America: Canada: Caribbean Area: United States: General: 1st-Hand-History Foundation (18th and 19th century texts, mostly northwestern US and American Indian history) Alcohol, Temperance, and.
Project Gutenberg (over 50,000 items, mostly book transcriptions).