avaya 9611g quick reference guide

Redialing a number From the Phone screen, press Redial.
After you enter the forwarding number, you hear a confirmation tone. To see details of other calls, scroll up or down.until the letter or number is displayed.Scroll up or down to whiskey in my water select the person or number you want to call.If you are logging bridged calls as well as your own, bridged call details are identified by either call FOR: (calls made to the bridged line) or called from: (calls made from the bridged line) preceding the applicable number.Search for and select the contact you want to edit.Press the History button.
Forwarding You can forward your incoming calls to another clonk rage crack chomikuj number or to voicemail.

Or, if speed dial numbers are assigned to a button module attached to your phone, press the button assigned to the person you want to call.Muting a call, if a call is on mute and you switch between the handset, headset, or speakerphone, the mute will be turned off.You can go to the top of the list by pressing History again.Select the contact you want to delete.Note: Unanswered transfers may be returned to your telephone as a recalled transfer.To enter a space, press.Icons that can appear in the prompt line: Answering a call, when you receive an incoming call, the incoming call is usually selected automatically.Each time you press then dialpad, the list display shifts to match your input.Press, phone to view the main Phone screen, if necessary.Selecting "handle" as a type allows you to track the contact's telephone presence, for example, not logged in, logged in, in use, or sending all calls to another number.
Turning off call history You can turn History on or off.
Press Resume to take the call off hold.