brothers in arms hell's highway manual

It'll take them a minute, so just hang on to your ass while the Panzer tries to blow it away.
Dispatch them and continue south past their corpses.
It's fairly rare to get one, and it's not hard to have the tendency of wasting all your ammo should you choose to pick one.
You'll have a couple more Germans here, vault the obstruction and head into the hall.There are two different ways you can do this: Hit it in the side with your Bazooka team, or get up close and plant a satchel charge on it with Baker.There are a couple of stone fences your teams can take cover behind while you move down the eastern side, flanking ghost recon desert siege eng 1.0 nocd the enemy as usual.There's a few Germans by the railing that you might want to shoot lego chess game for pc windows xp before going up the stairs, but that's your call.Set your Assault team up in the barn and have them lay suppressing fire on the next barn over to the east while you take out those who fled into the yard.Keep heading up the road and send one team behind a truck just southwest of the first building you see.If all went well you won't even need to clean up the stragglers.The last 88 can be either tricky or really easy.Either way they're fish in a barrel, run over and gun them all down with one clip from your Thompson.This means you can shoot as many bullets as you could ever desire, and toss as many grenades as you deem neccessary without windows 8 ultimate key feeling like you've waste anything.Have your Assault team take good cover and start suppressing any enemies (it doesn't matter which).

Besides, arms won't do you any good when you're dead.Once you're at the southwestern corner you can hit the two MG teams in the flank, and that should clear the cemetary.About 10 enemies will come in here, but you can easily mow down about 7 of them with one clip, since they're all clumped.After they're dead, vault through a window on the east side of this room and head south until you get to a door on the east side of the hall.It's a linear path through here, and there's only 7 enemies in the two or three small rooms you'll be fighting.If an enemy is behind cover just shoot it, only a few pieces of cover can't be destroyed.Head east, taking cover as you go until you get to a shack.A and D keys will normally strafe, but if you are sprinting then they will slowly turn the character (in other words, you cannot strafe while sprinting).