canon xl2 16x manual lens

Includes special Paglok bracketry and 12/7.2v DC convertor.
An engineering marvel designed for the video and film pro.
Allows use of external microphone.
A superior imaging system.Ready when you are.Comprising: 15W light, 2Ah.2V (nom) Ni-Cad battery and charger otdvl15EXT.2m Extension Cable otdvlbat Digilite 15 Battery, spare otdvlb 15W bulb, spare 0otdvlc230 Digilite 230v Charger, spare xlfa100 Flash Adaptor for XL-1.Required for use with Canon 380EX Speed Flash Gun XL380EX 380EX Speed Flash Gun night vision otii3000 OpTex Mini Image Intensifier with SuperGen HP tube for Canon XL-100 CAS71 Rigidised Case for either otii3000 or otii3001 otii2501 Pocket IR Illuminator with support bracket.To be used with either opwa7X93C.7x attachment or opwa7X5XC.5X Attachment Set opfa7X62 Screw-in Adaptor Ring for xlpro manual zoom lens tifar4.5/138.5" - 138mm Filter Adaptor Ring for use with opwa7X93C.7x Wide Angle attachment.A superior 3CCD progressive scan imaging system delivering outstanding picture quality, highly accurate color reproduction and a wide dynamic range.A powerful 20x professional fluorite lens.Opfa7X89.1 Clamp Ring for Canon 16x.5mm lens.Deliver the full width of film- based theatrical movies.Requires xldc900 DC coupler canbp930 BP930,.2v, Lithium Ion battery as spare canbp941 BP941,.2V 4Ah high capacity battery for Xl-1, XM-1 xlch910 Double battery holder/charger.Open architecture for expandability and customization.Super Range uses feedback from the camera to accelerate and refine the 3 Frame Rates The crack password protected excel 2007 file XL2 meets the demands being made on the video production community to provide solutions under a multitude of different scenarios.Attaches directly to XL-1 post production xlfr100 FR-100 Floppy Disette Still IMage Recorder Kit power otxlnp1BKT OpTex NP1 Pro Battery System.Xlpro OpTex XLPro 14x.5-77mm manual zoom lens xlpromot OpTex XLPro 14x.5-77mm zoom lens with motorised zoom control xlproug OpTex XLPro motorised zoom kit lens accessories TIF72CL 72mm diameter Clear Filter TIF62CL 62mm diameter Clear Filter TIF72XL-1KIT Tiffen Filter Kit with pouch to hold.

The two stage filter holder rries 4x4, 4x6, and 4x5.650 (Panavision) size filters.ABU008-197 Anton/Bauer Trimpac 14 Logic Series NiCabatter.4V, 45 watt hours for Steadicam Mini System ABU008-122 Anton/Bauer Dual 2701 two position PowerCharger with 70 watt supply otxldc900 OpTex DC900 12-7.2V DC Converter fitted with XLR-4 plug for use with professional batteries and battery belts otdvbatbelt1.2v Battery.Selectable frame rates and independent manual controls to create your own cine look.FM500/72 72mm Screw-in Adaptor Ring FM500FF Optional French Flag with attachment bracketry AC402-04 4x4 Filter Holder AC402-06 4x6 Filter Holder otdv4X4LMB Lightweight Matte Box ACS1001 the wind victor sjostrom 3x3 Sunshade otxlmatsup/AC Support Bracketry for ACS1001 sunshade ACS mm Screw-in Ring for ACS1001 ACS1001-34 3x4 Filterholder option ACS1001 ACS1001-33.Minimum order 25 pieces COL046 Foam chamois eyepiece covers for use with eyepiece supplied with Canon XL-1 kit,.50 each.138, Piso PB, 15, 16 y 17, Col.19/F, The Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive, Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong 0046W075 canon.S.A., INC.The 20x lens (standard) features the finest optics with fluorite achieving the famous L-series designation plus Super Range Optical Image Stabilization, zoom and focus presets and built-in neutral density filters.The 16x IS II Lens also with Super Range Optical Image Stabilization resolves to more than 600 TV lines to record extraordinary sharp images.Each CCD contains demand is 680,000 pixels.The Canon XL series of lenses includes a powerful 20x Zoom Lens, 16x Automatic Lens, 16x Manual Lens and a 3x Wide Angle Lens.
Use of this attachment will convert the Canon 16x lens supplied with the XL-1 from.5mm to a super wide angle.75mm with partial zoom through.5mm.
Canons XL2 delivers both the standard 4:3 aspect ratio for the common TV screen plus the popular 16:9 widescreen ratio.