chase game for windows

Possibly from obsolete French chas, groove, enclosure, from Old plugins vst para sound forge French, from Latin capsa, box.
To cut (the thread of a screw).To follow rapidly or intently to seize, overtake, etc.; pursue: to chase a thief.(Printing, Lithography Bookbinding) printing a rectangular steel or cast-iron frame into which metal type and dolby ac3 for mac blocks making up pages are locked for printing or plate-making.( tr; often foll by out, away, or off ) to force to run verify dll is registered (away drive (out).Chase 2 (chs).140050; late Middle English; aph.Jurist and leader in the American Revolution.(Hunting) the chase the act or sport of hunting.Going Off the Rails, horizon Chase Title Theme, jenTay.Idioms: chase (one's) tail, to exert oneself vigorously but ineffectually.For more information, please visit our.Steamed Noodle Cake, altador Team Braided Wig ยป More Items more, recent Winners more, latest Games, schoolofDragons (Ad).
Middle English chasen, to hunt, from Old French chacier, from Vulgar Latin *captire, from Latin captre, to catch ; see catch.

Coal War Tactics, rule the mines by blowing up your enemy's minecarts!The forepart of a gun, containing the bore.To seek the favor or company of persistently: chased me until I agreed to a date.Collect and upgrade 16 super machines.Letter Chase touch typing software runs on all versions of Windows and works on a network.To follow (game) in order to capture or kill; hunt: chase foxes.
To rush; hasten: chasing around all afternoon looking for a gift.
Give chase, to engage in pursuit of quarry: Police gave chase to the speeding car.