cheats codes for city driver

Picking Up the Pace (Bronze objective: Place in the top 3 in Sprint GP 10 times (Public).
(Silver) Objective: Complete 50 Activities Shift Happens (Silver) Objective: Shift 1000 times (Story/Online) Survivor (Silver) Objective: Complete Chapter 8 That's a Wrap!
Cheat: More Weapons, r1, R2, L1, circle, left, down, right, UP, left, down, right,.
Navigate using the links above or browse the Wii U cheats we have available for lego City Undercover below.Professional Racer (Bronze) mods for minecraft 1.8 1 beta Objective: Place in the top 3 in Classic Race 10 times (Public) Ramped Up!3, unlock the Frankenstein's Monster Disguise, near the Farm, there is an abandoned castle.(Silver) Objective: Unlock all 13 Movie Challenges Veteran (Silver) Objective: Reach Multiplayer Level 20 (Public) End of the Road (Gold) Objective: Complete the Story Master (Gold) Objective: Reach Multiplayer Level 38 (Public) You ARE the Wheelman (Platinum) Objective: Collect all Trophies.To make this easier, use the Farmer McCain disguise so you can glide.(Bronze) Objective: Complete a Getaway Activity in a Car Transporter Relentless Assault (Bronze) Objective: Successfully attack the base 10 times in Blitz (Public) Round and Round You Go (Bronze) Objective: Place in the top 3 in Shift Race 10 times (Public) Show Off (Bronze) Objective.
(Bronze objective: Complete an Activity, against the Odds (Bronze).
Cheat: Unlock Rhino Tank press R1, R2, L1, R2, left, down, right, UP, left, down, down, left.

Bonus Missions - 3D74QF9, samurai Warrior - rjyzhc, chan's Drakonas (vehicle) - dwjvct.Minotaur - ssvkct, ninja - fhszyg, pharaoh - nrrxym.2 3 Unlock Codes Enter one of the following codes at the "Extras" menu to activate the corresponding cheat function: Baseball Player ycmwkp Chan's Drakonas dwjvct Classic Alien cqszbj Disguised Natalia Kowalski hvgtpg Drakonas vehicle dwjvct Gorilla Suit Guy xkgzvj Karate Guy mrphvq Minotaur ssvkct.Pop Star - cncnrh, racecar Driver - mhhrhm, roman Soldier - wrskvc.(Bronze objective: Unlock 6 Movie Challenges, deep Cover (Bronze).Objective: Complete Chapter 3, air Rage (Bronze objective: Spin out 10 Vehicles with Impulse (Public).Car Nut (Bronze objective: Buy 50 Vehicles, carry the Team (Bronze).Cheat: New Tires, circle, circle, L1, circle, circle, circle, L1, L2, R1, triangle, circle, triangle.(Bronze) Objective: Complete a Dare We Double Dare You.(Bronze) Objective: Complete 40 Dares Cops Robbers (Silver) Objective: Complete 30 Freedrive Cop Chases Due for a Service (Silver) Objective: Drive over 1000 miles (1610 km) (Story/Online) Hey Big Spender!Cheat: Instant Body Armor, r2, R2, R1, R2, L1, R2, left, down, right, UP, left down, right,.
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