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Ball graphics and movements are perfect, you can make any English or masse shot.
Russian Pyramid - has much larger table than the one used to book car hayes manual play pool, tight cushions, and fifteen white numbered balls.
Unlike to many other sports games simulated on PCs - football, hockey simulations, etc., which have the only purpose to entertain players, billiards game simulations usually tend to occupy both entertaining and training fields.
Live Billiards is a perfect 3d pool game.3d pool game covering most of well known pool and billiards games.Game has nine computer opponents with different levels of difficulty.American style pool - This game is played with a sixteen balls without numbers, and there is no obligation to use a certain ball as cue ball.Description: Live Billiards is a kind of meticulously developed project, which, despite of modest artwork; unveils billiards/pool tricks, that usually are out-of-reach to casual players, and were just seen on TV billiards contests, remaining a dream for an ordinary pool fan.Game download takes only a few minutes!Only one ball and a one pocket should be chosen (called) each turn.Free 1-month BillYard membership, play online pool games in online club.Rules are close to Nine Ball, except of scoring system.
Smooth cue shots, realistic ball movements, the play of light on ivory and bronze, full environmental effects, and a way to talk to your opponents - it's the greatest!

The masse for those unfamiliar with the term, is a technique that causes the cue ball to follow a curved path.Smart Serials, working Live Billiards Deluxe.5 Serial Keys.Rotation - has fifteen numbered balls and a cue ball.Game usually consists of odd number several sets, and winner is the one, who won bigger number of sets.Conclusion: Well, Live Billiards is still missing Carom billiards (One Pocket, Bumper Pool, Bank Pool, etc.).Kick shots, carom shots, indirect shots are easy to be made in Live Billiards.Other features include Internet play, match mode and Web play using membership in virtual BillYard club.Network play, web matches, practice with robots, tutorial.
Each player is given by 7 balls of certain marking.