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Working with the weather, patiently waiting to get the ideal day, warming the pots till midday, packing, firing 1pm to 7pm to get some night time viewing to judge the temperature by colour.
So this is blissful, a beautiful sunny afternoon at the shed.
To get funding for ML and Ds airfares a convoluted track via tech21 trademark 60 owner's manual Goa Handicrafts is being followed which means two potters, fine and exciting and the Managing Director, not so fine will need to be accommodated ( he did not come ).
M.L and D were happy to see him here.From the models and drawings shown.L in India this was not a problem, was it a timing factor?He also experimented with beating some wattle into a mudka, unfortunately they were 2 that cracked in Annes kiln.3.5.11:.L and D are on their way to Kuala Lumpar and I was on my way to clean my space, however I was prompted to take a moment to begin to reflect on the past month.R.B and he had lots to talk about and.L and D worked on,.L has about 30 mudka and D 100s of little pots.Hmmm the firing, the pots look great but 50 crack rate not good, but the cracked are being utilized as shards for a kiln cover.As a fundraiser for a new kiln in Kumaar Gram local artists had been asked to paint mudka that would then be auctioned, at the same event, at Pan Gallery, a pile of mudka would be exhibited m '.I am sure he is happy, if asked I conclude he would say What is there not to be happy about?Back to the morning.
It needs to be taken to the community My temperature went.

If you are interested in learning the application, you will need to head here to read about product history and training locations.25.2.11: Have just heard one of the Goan potters is a woman, so this is great news, finally a female potter coming here.27.8.10: The programme progresses.Anne Fraser has sent forms in new directions.If this week feels like certain things are disassembling, stay cool, be resourceful, resist taking on unnecessary obligations and keep resetting the internal thermostat to cruise control.It is a near unbearable wait and I have at times been furious, as on other occasions I feel I am taken to the limit and then all comes through.And many vegies, beans, cucumber and daikon radish in the garden.Wukwuk resident )will move to the spare room earlier than he anticipated and so the hut will be available for all Indian men.We live on a road that after rain is often 4wheel drive only and at the time of writing this was the case.It has since been resolved they need to setup/be involved in a community selfhelp group before the money will be reimbursed.For the firing we could invite the interested to participate in a weekend of kiln building, and the next weekend an evening food and firing event, it makes me excited to think on this.
Lets have a fun and fruitful time together.
Ann is tampering Anne Frasers form ( made on Saturday at a Stacks workshop).