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Bane has been reimagined as this for The Dark Knight Rises, wearing a mask which constantly provides him anesthetic gas to overcome the pain from a bad injury obtained during his backstory.
The Black Company : Darling is deaf and mute, and for this reason nobody believes she could be The Chosen One.In Redwall, one of the longest lasting characters was Lady Cregga Rose Eyes.Chichiri from Fushigi Yuugi.The narcoleptic fits would sometimes strike in the middle of an escape.Naturally, while she is limping, Cameron becomes an order of magnitude more terrifying as she hunts the Connors.If anything the Eyepatch of Power makes him seem cooler.Her injury leaves her unable to even feed herself, but she remains anything but helpless.He's often worried about become more machine than human, but so far his wife doesn't seem to care.The purchasable asthma spray can alleviate this condition.When he was three, his parents made a bargain with Mimihagi, the Right Hand of the Soul King.She is also missing her left eye.Didn't stop him becoming perhaps the best spymaster Westeros ever knew, becoming Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and being a greenseer who is still alive 48 years after he apparently died.But never forget that crack fix crysis 3 directx 10 he's a very old hero.King Bradley is blind in his left eye but is still reputed as a very dangerous fighter.Thus, The Six Million Dollar Man wouldn't count.

Zato-Ino the "blind swordspig" in Usagi Yojimbo is an obvious Shout-Out to Zatoichi, the famous blind swordsman.The guy who played the sniper is a Real Life Handicapped Badass, private investigator.J.He not only lived to age 93, but popularized Youkai manga (which even profoundly influenced Osamu Tezuka ) and wrote at least two stories that criticized Imperial icare format recovery pro 5 2 0 0 key Japan 's war crimes.I kept figuring he was gonna turn out to have a real name like Drest or Domnall.Bliss tells Trey this (along with the fact that they can divorce just as easily) and he takes it in stride.Assuming she can keep her balance.R, one of the Card Professors that opposed Yugi was Maico Kato, a grandmotherly old woman in a wheelchair, whose skill was rather potent.