dead rising two cheats

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The military will show up at.m.The best way to do this is to start a new game after you have purchased the SUV key.When your SUV dies, enter a Casino that makes you load.Ve the paramedic in xbox 360 hdmi sound crackling the "Code Blue" mission.Tape It or DIE!Feat the Postal Worker (mission related) in Royal Flush Plaza.Climb up a stack of boxes and speakers.Defeating Slappy: Get one or two squirt guns from inside the toy shop where you fight Slappy.Keep betting the max of 1,000 to win a lot of money quickly.Secret Achievement/Trophy: Have you been wondering what that secret Achievement/Trophy is for?Collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City.
Drill Bucket - Bucket Drill.
Find a slot machine that has a pile of 100 in front.

Note: The difficulty increases as you win.Go to the sports shop called "SporTrance".Just keep playing until you win the desired amount of money.After that, you will get a nice amount of money and a lot of PP for completing the race.Then, buy as much as desired.The best combinations (hearts fill in for the third slot three hearts are 100,000; two hearts and a dollar sign are 100,000; two hearts and a diamond are 50,000; and two hearts and a seven are 25,000.Now, just drive around the strip slaughtering zombies.Ing Richard (Hunger Pains) food and rescue him in the Silver Strip Diner.Keep playing this machine until you have 6 million.After you win go to the first toilet that you encounter and save your game.Awesome money and PP: Submitted by: Thomas Email: When you start a new game, drive the bike ant take whatever place possible.
Easy "Smashy" achievement or trophy: Go to the "Flaming Craps" area in Royal Flush Plaza.
Freedom Bear - Giant Teddy Bear Light Machine Gun.