diablo 2 latest patch 1.13c

Corpse Explosion - Increased small crack in tooth pain base damage dealt from to of corpses health.
Immolation Arrow - Explosion effect damage increased.
Video improvements for Intel Mac machines with.5 or greater.Added the following aliases for pre-existing command line options, '-nosound '-window and '-windowed'.This will bring up a new panel that will list your available resolutions.Druid - Werebear - Damage bonus increased by 15 across all ranks.You may use any of the normal command line options available when playing Diablo II, such as "-w" for windowed or "-direct frigidaire gallery microwave user manual -txt" for mods.Revised Skill balance for Player Character classes Amazon - Immolation Arrow - Increased radius of Explosion effect by 33 and Immolation effect.Necromancer - Blood Golem - Removed negative shared life effect (player no longer loses life when the golem takes damage).Minor Bugs - Uber Mephisto now checks for both Uber Baal and Uber Diablo to be killed before spawning summoned minions (Before he would only check for Uber Baal).

Greatly reduced the explosion damage dealt by Fire Enchanted monsters.Diablo.13c Patch: A new Mystery has been revealed!Hydra - Increased base speed of Hydra projectile.Shockwave - Synergy from Maul adds 5 damage per point.Support for blit scaling in windowed mode.Increased the drop rate of high runes.You do not need to copy over or replace any of your files, and none of your files will be changed.Fixed an issue where the Paladin class runeword 'Principle' wasn't having all of its stats applied properly.Dragon Talon - The bonus to Attack Rating per point has been increased.