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Unofficial Patch.5 bugs fixed: * Nuclear bombers are unable to damage: airports, city centers, universities; * Fixed Phalanx Machinegun Turret "UFO" graphics bug; - Unofficial Patch.5 units changes: * Missile launchers are now upgrading (epoch 12: V2 Launcher, epoch 13: TBM Launcher.
Changes/Fixes in UP1.5 Update 2: - Added the Custom Screen Resolution Generator, so the patch is now supporting all possible screen resolutions.
Added.fav files, with the most played multiplayer settings.Insert your CD or mount your ISO file.Fixes in UP1.5 launchers, even more smart-behaviour and new graphics.Went searching a little bit and was able to download version.03 mod.The buttons will act like the "Resign" button as long as the player is not already an Observer.Added EE2: Planes (2016) scenario, created by naLisa.Fixed uPnP effectivity on routers with only permanent leases allowed.The patch was designed to fix compatibility problems, and the rest is not that significant.

Attempting intercept." message: * The similar message was present in EE2 versions.0.4, but was disabled in UP1.5 due to messages spam caused by the new Missile Defense System.Much better nuclear explosion effects with camera shake.If you need any help with the patch, please contact us here: Pages: 1 2 » Last » Author Comments Reviews ( All Comments Only Reviews Only ) Tomas352000 Posted on 04/23/14 flo on the go full version @ 06:50 AM it looks cool!MonaLisa Hi, I'm new here.Improved the Multiplayer Rating System by adding a new "session ID" variable.New Multiplayer Server/Lobby, as a replacement for the old GameSpy Server, which has been shut down in 2012: * To use it, simply start the game, and go to: "Multiplayer" - "Internet * It's required to create a new profile, since I obviously don't.Better UP1.5 Settings window.Alert siren when enemy is bombarding your city (requires warehouse).
Debug Menu, hotkey: ctrlo and Atmosphere Panel, hotkey: ctrlaltshifta - for modders.
Simply unzip to your EE root directory (default is "C:SierraEmpire Earth.