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Won't you adopt a Cabbage Patch Kid and fill a little heart with love?
Coleco Head mould #4 has two dimples and a removable pacifier.Add to the family with Cabbage Patch babies.Most CPKs with braids have two braids, but some were produced with a single braid.Three Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids boy, 2 girls.95, buy It Now.95 0 bids, three vintage Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. .Infant CPKs sometimes have a single tuft, rather than a full head of yarn hair.In some countries, they are referred to as the Garbage Gang, rather than as the Garbage Pail Kids.The Jesmar kids were also taller than the other Coleco kids.Hasbro gradually began focusing on a younger market, leading them to produce smaller and more easily washable dolls.Zhasmin Gven Party (CH Arthus sarraccenia Majestic Chameleon /. .
Cabbage Patch Kids have been produced with black, brown, light brown (alternatively referred to as tan, butterscotch, honey, mustard, and dirty blond blond (often referred to as lemon red, and orange hair.
Coleco Head mould #6 hide ip 5 3 with crack has one dimple on the left side, a removable pacifier, and a considerably wider face than #4.

Coleco Head mould #8 has a wider face with a dimple on the left side.The 'Preemies' were 13-inch dolls designed to look like infants, and many of the boxes contained information on real-life preemies from the.Today, Original Appalachian Artworks still makes the soft-sculptured Cabbage Patch Kids, who currently retail new for US200-400.Story on the back of Cabbage Patch boxes.Hair Styles While some Cabbage Patch Kids are 'baldies most CPKs have yarn hair.Signatures, the age, manufacturer, and authenticity of a Cabbage Patch can generally be ascertained by a quick look at the doll's left butt-cheek.Unfortunately, it was frequently paired with the uglier head moulds.Tri-Ang Pedigree refers to CPKs that were produced in South Africa under license from Coleco in the 1980s.The most common were the Twins, but there were also Circus Kids, Young Astronaut kids, and World Travellers.Foreign Kids were also more likely to have freckles, and the freckles also tended to be darker than the freckles on American produced CPKs.Xavier's signature is, still today, imprinted on the left butt-cheek of every Cabbage Patch doll.