evinrude 120 hp v4 manual

Using a flexible scale, measure along the flywheel to locate the exact midway point between the first and second marks and place a mark at this location labeled.
A cone clutch forces a tapered seat onto a tapered friction pad.
On 1992-98 carbureted modepower steering hoses at the front, starboard side of the lower cover.
Most of all, take your time.Locate the timing pointer (along the edge of the flywheel cover).However, if the oil hose was removed for any reason, be sure to purse air from the oil hose before installing.Move the shift handle to the forward position, then thread the connector onto the shift rod until it is aligned with the hole in the shift cam.More likely, pump failures are not total, and the motor will start and run fine at idle only to miss, hesitate or stall at speed when pump performance falls short.Hopefully, there is no question as to what cylinder or position each pistons, bearings and caps belongs.On 200-250 Hp (3000/3300cc) V6 motors, the hose is connected to a T fitting in the fuel lilt pump (low pressure pump) supply pumpkin patch of flower mound line.1) G z -I 0 z ) z 0 m r m -I :D ) r (j) - (j) -I m s: (j) Wiring Diagram-2000 and later 135-175 hp (2589cc) 60 Looper ficht V6 Motors without Hard Fuel Rails 40V TO injector 3.We said to TAG and disconnect the wiring and we meant.But, this is usually not the case on Evinrude/Johnson schematics and some of the wiring diagrams provided here.Disconnect the carburetor throttle linkage.5 On 60 motors, be sure to tighten the flywheel retainers using the illustrated torque sequence (note the positioning of the crankshaft roll pin between bolts 2 and 5 in the sequence) 6-4 engine mechanical.Also, in order to prevent fuel evaporation and vapor problems with the high-pressure fuel circuit, the fuel/vapor separator assembly is also water cooled on FFI motors.
Observe the reading on the ohmmeter.
Install the retaining ring with the flat side facing upward to secure the drive gear.

It the engine is to be run above high-idle, allow it to warm before advancing the throttle.Clean the threads of the timing wheel retaining screw, then coat it lightly using Evinrude/Johnson Locquic primer.4-17 testing 4-16 power pack.Prepare the seal(s) for installation using oil (single seal) or sealant (dual back-to-back seals as applicable.All 200 hp and larger motors, as well as all 2000 and later 75-175 hp motors (that are NOT equipped with fuel rails use a 40-voll charging circuit.Using a garden hose and, in some cases, an adapter, to deliver the fresh water).