factory optimax manual 2006

This adds up to higher speeds and better fuel economy, requiring less engine trim.
I only use muffs if i need to have engine running for some reason, never for flushing, and my boat is salt water off shore only.
Besides delivering an incredible hole shot and awesome acceleration, the Lightning.T.The Lightning.T., first introduced as an outboard drag racing propeller, is providing top performance in a variety of boat applications (bass, flats and modified vee bottoms.If you read your coolent flow chart in the merc manual you will see every thing gets flushed with the adaptor.Power and Associates 2017, all rights reserved.I use the plug on the back serial crack for spyware stop with the merc restrictor, and flush it with salt away every time, When you run on the muffs its a good idea and recomend buy merc to use the rubber nose cover that straps on the low water.Lab Finish, lightning.T.Both Chopper II and Lightning.T.National Appraisal Guides, Inc.Propeller more durable than ever.Propellers are available.5" (368.3 mm) diameter, with 24"- 32" (609.6 mm - 812.8 mm) pitch in right-hand and left-hand rotation.A new casting technique makes the Lightning.T.
Also produces natural bow lift, reducing drag and increasing the efficiency of the boat.

The tatle tale strem on these moters is the only cooling source for the compressor.Industry, company, copyright 2017 National Appraisal Guides, Inc., all rights reserved.Is a strategic ally.So i only run on muffs if i have.Models with.5" (368.3 mm) diameter, 22" (558.8 mm) pitch are available in right-hand rotation only.I made a adaptor so the restrictor is not right at moter as it can be a little tight to get back out of the engine and salt away goes on easy also ( plastic ends on a short peice of garden hose that plugs.To prevent it from over heating 700 hours on my 250 pro xs and not a spec of salt or corrsion in waterpump or ect., When pulled to grease shaft and replace water pump as a over due maitance project.Optimax, xS engines that allow them to run the Premium Plus oil.The DFI oil is clearly recommended for the.# 1 enables the algorithm, 0 disables the algorithm.