fender stage 185 manual pdf

Drive sound is rather a very successful time for a vintage Fender transistors!
Sounds, its very very clear!In short, if you make small / medium scenes in a book rock / blues / pop and you find this amp to occaz qq hand, do not hesitate to try it and if the HP holds up I think you will be pleasantly surprised.Rendering a high volume is very correct in the clear as saturated.As the price occazz is rather ridiculous to the possibilities of the beast, I think it's a very good deal!Of course this is not a metal amp, but for blues rock roll.It is "transistor but honestly the sound is straight and shiny with a touch of velvet.Doesn't look like Fender has them, so it's probably not going to be too easy to find one.This amp was definitely made for Stratocasters, especially for Blues and Classic Rock players, although if you play Metal, you'll need a effects processor or some type of Distortion pedal because the Gain on this is not really suited for that genre of music.P-BassLyte, uS P-BassDeluxeV, bG29, dG22S '78 Strat '79 Strat HT, cS'60 manual de la placa base asrock p4i65g Strat.Utilization, simple, Eq efficient power sympatoche.It allowed me to do a lot of little scenes and various student oxen, 2 times the Feast of the zik outdoors, and it sounded!
The report is very clear sound convincing.
I have the owner's manual for the Fender Stage 185.

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roscoeBeckV, uSA AshStrat HH HT(X2 spalted Maple Custom Tele 60'sReverseStrat.I think the HP 12 "is good and receives well the power of the beast.Send me an email if you want a copy.By controlling the boost via the footwitch provides ease of use in live.In ocazz it is scarce but there are still a ridiculous price ( 200) and since this amp is really not bad for the stage, I start a small personal opinion.I have rarely met a saturated channel as good on a Fender transistor.To play at home is enough cotton for the potentiometers are exponential, not linear (and therefore to play a low volume is not clear).It'd be a great help as the amp is dead at the moment.
It was the era of 'simulation of tube amp via a cmos circuit' Fender.