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So for now, it would appear that the "free" version is not software testing solutions llc compatible with Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate when running the 64 bit version, unless it is to be used in the "visible" mode, and with admin rights.
If your trial period has expired you will have the dialog below displayed to you.
This allows you to use the most suitable maps for your region or even import specific maps for your implementation.This makes it suitable for tracking partners that want to offer GPS tracking services in their own language under their own brand.You can connect a large number of different tracking devices to GpsGate Server including dedicated trackers, Windows laptops, Windows Mobile devices and other mobile phones.However we paid for the "pro" version of GpsSplitter, which is the exact same product but allows an unlimited number of virtual com ports to be created, and what I found was that once the paid version's license key has been entered, the Splitter will.GpsGate Splitter was formerly known as GpsGate Client.The license key is now installed!GpsGate AB, all Rights Reserved.Back to index, install it on your own server.First you need to purchase a license key.Depending on your technical skills and requirements.You will have the key delivered to you by email directly after the purchase.The GpsGate Server platform supports localization, re-branding, application extension and integration with other systems through open APIs.Just as a follow-up to this thread, I have been struggling with this problem ever since we upgraded all of our Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 computers to 64 bit.If your trial period has not expired, select License Key from the GpsGate Splitter tray menu.On all of those machines the GpsGate Splitter will only work in the "visible" mode, and only when the user has administrator rights, if the Splitter is the free (2 Virtual Com Port) version.
In most cases we are running Windows 7 Pro, but on some machines we are running Windows 7 Ultimate.
Multiple map providers are supported, as well writing winning business proposals pdf as custom map import.

Install license key, if you after 14 days trial want to continue using GpsGate Splitter you need to buy a license.This makes the platform future proof and simplifies mergers of multiple fleets.For Windows Mobile / Pocket PC guides, please click here, note!Cut and paste your email address (Windows only) and the license key you received by email after your purchase.You can make the purchase here.GpsGate Server can both be installed as a software on your own server or subscribed to as a service hosted by GpsGate.A light interface is available for mobile phones with a web browser so that you can connect to your application from any location.The installation is free for 5 users.You can configure notifications over SMS and email for events that require your attention, such as SOS, vehicle theft, high temperature, speeding, excessive idling, off hours vehicle usage and geofence violations.