gamersgateer failed to sign in

Wish I had bought it through somebody else now as Gamersgate aren't answering my emails to customer support.
Does the Sprocket version come unpatched?
MS firewall is disbaled and no other security software.In fact, the securom diagnostics tool shows OA as the only dolby ac3 for mac securom product on my machine.Off to unistall again :butbut: -Edit Mounting the Md5 GamersGate gave me was a.You may unpause the download to try again.Snip install order, excellent, thanks for the confirmation.The Arma2 files are 4 bin files, an 5 and an unknown file called launch.
The Securom diagnostics tool still tells me I don't have ArmA2 activated on this machine.
Ah now that is interesting.

Edited May 24, 2012 by Mogg.I did manage to access the launcher though by running the GG downloader, taking the launcher from the temp files, placing it elsewhere, closing the initial launcher, replacing the copied one in to temp files location with the bins and running that as administrator.I do indeed get a plugins vst para sound forge securom pop up for OA when doing things in this order.I get it on first manual slicers ohio laws run for OA, but never on first run with ArmA2, only on initial install when prompted for the keys.Paradoxically, I may install Demon tools pro as I saw it on my motherboard disk, and see if there's a setup.I have a feeling this may make the securom gods even angrier though.I have pre purchased the game from Gamersgate but when I try and download I get the following messagewhen the download gets to the.7 mark.I wonder if this is something related to not having an exe for Arma2.Alas, the ArmA2 install is complete, and still no securom prompt on first run.