games for sony xperia x10 mini pro

Rating: Reviewed by Adam from UK on 13th Jan 2011 I am fully open to the chance theres an extraordinary large batch of mini pros with faulty batteries, but fortunately I have one of the amazing ones.
It feels like SE have given up on this phone as a lame duck, I cannot discern any difference in any of the software updates issued.Compact and user friendly.We've really been looking forward to the release of the X10 Mini Pro, as we have a soft spot for phones with real keyboards.very easy to unlock.Would be the best phone in the world if it had bbm.
Rating: Reviewed by barry from uk on 15th Jan 2012 Used to be fantastic - smart little phone with good keyboard and a good camera, but love soon turns to hatred.
The battery alone is running a mini computer, practically.

It does all that and, with the impressive range of Apps available, one heck of a lot more!The battery life isn't the best, and it is developing a tendency to freeze up and crash.Amanda Grobler, RE: the messaging.Rating: Reviewed by Sasha from UK on 25th Feb 2012 I've had my Xperia X10 Mini Pro since December 2010, and has work fine for the first year.I'm happy Rating: Reviewed by Mark from England on 12th Dec 2010 The handset is very good as i wanted a small phone.Still, if you want Froyo, Gingerbread or anything else, it looks like unofficial ROMs are the only way to get them.This time, they say we shouldnt expect to see the upgrade begin to roll out until late October as they need a few most wanted game softonic more weeks before its ready.U CAN DO almost anything ON this phone that YOU CAN DO ON X10!Some love, some hate.I like the form factor and the voice clarity and sound quality.So whats good: -touchscreen is very sensitive.
I'd had this phone for about 10 months, and it is getting to be a bit of a pain, I wouldn't advise getting this phone now, as you may love it at first for the first few months, the months after that its loveliness will.
Shoulda gone for that Samsung like I wanted to!