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But that process requires one of two Zune HD AV kits, priced at either.99.99.
Related: How well will the product fit into digital lifestyles?Jun 28, 2010 by, nicholas Deleon, wal-Mart has the 16GB Zune HD available for 162.54 plus free shipping (and tax, if applicable).A long story short is the Zune HD-more than anything-is a music fan's dream machine.The Quickplay menu found right off the main menu puts all your newest music right up front, along with your play history, currently playing song, and anything you've deliberately "pinned" to the menu.In a side-by-side comparison with the iPod Touch, you'd swear that Apple's whole "I'm cat walk poison 53 a Mac" campaign got its characterizations reversed.There is no content, particularly games.There isn't much you can do with Zune HD other than watch movies or listen to music, and there is currently no ecosystem for extending Zune HD's utility - nor is one visible in the distance.Flick of the finger scrolls the Zune HD menu, and there is multitouch manipulation, too.Editors' note: This review has been updated with battery test results from cnet Labs, new pricing, and includes the 64GB model.The Zune HD measures 4-inches tall by 2-inches wide.3 inch thick, making it slightly more compact than the iPod Touch.By confining Zune HD to United States, the otherwise internationally-focused Microsoft confines the device to failure.It also unlocks the Zune's capability to output high-definition (720p) video.
The Zune HD is perhaps the best portable media player released by any vendor - even better than iPod touch.
Without the Zune Pass plan, the Zune HD's similar artist feature still connects you to Zune Marketplace, but previews are limited to 30 seconds and downloads are sold individually, much like the built-in iTunes store on the iPod Touch.

The content was DRM-protected Windows Media Audio at 192kbps bitrate.You can display the Zune HD's music, video, photos, and HD Radio tuner to your television using Microsoft's 89 AV Dock.But I may not keep mine because it duplicates nearly all the functions on my Nokia N97 smartphone.Will it come, perhaps?Those devices deliver a viewing experience that is good enough, even though not better.Artist splash graphics, videos, games - anything visual - just delights the eyes.Sync is another kind of user interface, and one Apple perfected with the first couple of iTunes/iPod generations but later ruined.The device would be even better for handheld gaming, and there the Zune HD packs the hardware to deliver but not the entertainment applications and games to support.Music tops the Zune HD's main menu for good reason.Did I mention that Zune HD is fast, too?Zune HD 32 comes in other colors when purchased from Zune Originals.
Aside from some-fine tuning for localized English, Zune HD could be distributed fairly easily through Microsoft's existing retail channels.