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What makes it unique: Many games of this ilk like to plop players down into a new world and let them run wild.
You'll find towns filled with NPCs who will give you quests, shopkeepers to buy new items, and high-powered projectile weapons to add to your arsenal.Cubelands Cubelands may be new, but it has a lot of polish.Still, its free, and if the 8-bit feel and textures are what you like the most about.Download ON google play, the Blockheads is a 2D/3D mix game that is a mix between your standard Minecraft and a platform telenor one touch games game.As mentioned above, the game is totally free to play and download.Want to build a castle to protect your team?Prev Page 6 of 27 Next Prev Page 6 of 27 Next.FortressCraft is available for 80 Microsoft Points, or the equivalent.It's a little more adventure than most Minecraft style games, but this one is really good.
Want to try to get the jump on your opponents by digging your way under their base then popping up in the middle?
And if you're in love with the blocky visual style of the sandbox builder, 3079 is sure to win you over.

You play through a story, do quests, and level up your character.Call of Duty series or, team Fortress, then, ace of Spades is a must-play for you.Would-be builders are also able to design their very own "prefabs" to construct in the middle of battles.The world is yours to create, and the possibilities seem endless thanks to the game's intricate editing tools.What makes it unique: The crafting gives players a lot more freedom to do as they please, but its really the world itself that sets TUG apart.What makes it unique: With up to 32 players in multiplayer, KAG can become quite chaotic-in a good way.Other than a few expansions on ideas, the game is pretty much just like Minecraft.Luckily, going alone isnt your only option: a cooperative mode for up to eight players provides a fighting chance in this twisted world of cubes and monsters.
What makes it unique: Terasology is an open source game.