ge answering machine 2-9876b manual

Slide Out Tray contains Quick Reference Guide.
Then, the bosch home alarm user manual display will show the message number being played.
Setting The Ring Select Switch Set the ring select switch on the back of your Answerer to 2, 4, or Toll Saver to choose the number of rings before the system answers.The unit also places a time and day stamp on each incoming message or memo.This system eliminates the need for tapes while it provides an expanded range of answering system features.After the caller leaves a message, the answerer notes the time and day at the end of the message.Whichever comes first Message Length 10 12 What ws will do; ' Setting the Rings.Check this list to be certain all components are included.The Time/Day Stamp controls are located on the side of the Answerer.You can then hang up on the third ring to avoid paying long distance charges.Recording And Playback Of Outgoing Announcements (OGAs) Your new Answerer is equipped with the capability of selecting one of two out- going announcements (OGA).
Announce 1 tapping selects and plays outgoing announcement (OGA) #1.

Before using your new Answerer, the time/day stamp should be properly set.Two-Year Limited Warranty answering system voice time/DAY stamp digital announce 1 announce 2 answer ON review stop skip mailbox 2 mailbox 3 main halo 2 vista iso pc windows erase instant replay messages 08 answerer Model 2-9876B Printed in Malaysia announce 1 announce 2 answer ON review stop skip mailbox.Erase selected messages from memory."F'flashing o messages counter has an on the Mailbox indica.O messages counter has a flashing number -There displayed are new messages.RreVoruME.,.,., Rul0s ll lrurearenerce Inroamnnoru,2 Arswenrn.
Set the volume to a level that can be heard from wherever you are.