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Dilettante Search near the Canyon Magaplex in Willis, Dukes.
Each one drops about five or six wads of cash, but all the guards will attack you.Park near the "RON" gas station to find the Securicars that spawn regularly in that area.Freddy Paparo Crime: Grand Theft Auto Location: Freddy is north in a parking lot in Steinway close to the waterfront and to the west of the bridge going north.In here is a Sprunk soda machine.Other vehicles will join in and honk as well.Go back outside, and kill more pedestrians.There is a total of approximately 1,100 on each truck, which is especially useful when just starting out or if you need money.Lap dance duet at strip club Go to a strip club, and reserve a lap dance.Jump through the one to the far right (the first one you swim past the redemption manual book and move towards the wall.Contender Reward: 8,250 Location: Dukes, Boabo.
Mid-air cars While in a helicopter, preferably the Annihilator, enable a code to spawn a vehicle.
Bert Reker Crime: Drug Trafficking Location: They hide out in a junkyard in Bobao.

It says what school she went to as a child, which happens to be Bullworth Academy from the Rockstar game Bully.Great add on to wrap the story along side with the lost and damned.Move until the camera is inside Packie, and look at the center wwsuite.lic 10.1 intouch keygen of his head to find a box with skulls.Cavalcade Search the street Westdyke Memorial Hospital.The northern one of the three has a big parking lot (darker street, looks like an alley on the map) to the east.Special ability (Chopper Ride Call Brucie, and he will fly his helicopter to you.Noel Katsuda Crime: Gang Related Violence Location: He and his gang are in southwest Tudor.Being in debt to gangsters, Luis and Tony are barraged with temptation and the ever increasing necessity of selling each other out.(Bronze You unlocked the special ability of Brucie's helicopter ride.