gta vice city cheats ps2 change clothes

Shootout Tires You can shootout tires using te sniper rifles to make the car more unstable for the drivers.
Just shoot while driving with the dodo cheat!
Since they cannot shoot through the floor (they should be directly underneath you) shoot who you can, and when you feel ready, run back around to the front of your office and fire off more rounds.
Before anyone can react, hop into the door on the left side and pull away.Go up the "ramp" to get the helicopter.Then ride up the stairs fast with the motorcycle and before you enter the doors get off it and go inside, there you will find a motorcycle to drive in the mansion.Exotic Dancer Purchase the Pole Position Club in Washington Beach for 30,000.When approaching the entrance to the junk yard, there are wow cataclysm for mac an abundance of gang members.When you get down, start aiming and shooting.You are now completely fireproof.Jump back in you vehicle and drive.Play As Phil Cassady While playing a game, press Right, R1, Up, R2, L1, Right, R1, L1, Right, Circle.

Trojan Voodoo Mission When you are exiting after detonating the bombs, do not bother approaching the gate.(you will have to leave your weapons and the two gaurds will chase you on foot, but have agood time) Now you can play through the 18 hole much halo 3 taringa para psp cso faster Anyway just cruise around running over innocent old pdf using php script golfers and i gaurantee you'll want.Go Faster In Helicopter!Then, restart the run up the second steps.Do the levels as usual, and when you get a three or four star wanted level, go to the Pay 'N' Spray in Little Haiti.Change Clothes, r, R, L, U, L1, L2, L, U, D,.Weapon: FAQ Rampages Vice City FAQ Everything about Vice City Choice Of Car Is Everything 100 Completion Stratagy characters, weapons, and cars known so far!Smith's Guide to the vehicles of Vice City GTA: VC FAQ Anything and Everything Cars in Vice City Tommy Vercetti's Guide to the guns of Vice City Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Everything You Need to Know About gtavc EvErY TiNy BiT kNoWn So FaR!!!I don't think the bus ever fills up and no one ever gets off.
Now if you gently push forward while flying the nose of the choper will go down a little bit and you will go faster while decreasing very very slowly in altitude.
Hog Tied Mission Get a helicopter and fly on top of the Ammu- Nation in Downtown.