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With the possible exceptions of acute iron toxicity from intentional or unintentional ingestion and suspected lead toxicity, emergency physicians will rarely be alerted to the possibility of metal exposure.
You were told everything was normal and there was nothing wrong with you and it was all in your mind.
This ignores the nature in which this highly toxic metal is stored in the body and unfortunately therefore I didnt undertake a heavy metals detox and many of my symptoms remained brain fog, fatigue, digestive disorders.
For example, young children are more susceptible to the effects of lead exposure because they absorb several times the percent ingested compared with adults and because their brains are more plastic and even brief exposures may influence developmental processes.Terms Conditions: 1) Privacy is as important to me as it is to you!Another subset of metals includes those used therapeutically in medicine; aluminum, bismuth, gold, gallium, lithium, and silver are all part of the medical armamentarium.Metabolytes from Candida yeast activity returned to normal reference values, whilst Parasitic, Viral and Bad Bacteria loads were reduced.I now know that heavy metals, such as Mercury from amalgam fillings and Lead were the main causal factors in my ill health.I used natural methods without any the latin real book drugs.5) Heavy Metal Toxicity Accumulation Sites in the Body: Arsenic (ingested or inhaled) is extremely toxic and found in its heaviest concentrations in the liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys.However it wasnt long before I realised that there was nothing the doctors and specialists could do for.

When mercury is combined with bacterial activity (e.g.It took more than three months but its a relief not having to worry about what to eat anymore Chrissy., Brisbane, Australia.The bile ducts and billary tree can become blocked with gallstones and sludge.It is the overload of toxins that compromises the immune system and create a myriad of health problems.You really did give me light at the end of the tunnel.2) Having written to many Health Organisations showing them evidence from published research the response I got back was disheartening.What follows below is a scientific peer reviewed approach that addresses many unexplained health issues and eliminates the toxins that causes them.Metal, acute, chronic, toxic Concentration, treatment, arsenic.
Heavy Metals Detox How and Why the Detox Works.