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Comments (15) Added by: Jurgi/Tristesse Vasco/Tristesse New, fixed version of SD-Load - a SpartaDOS executable files loader.
declared in the local.local,.proc structure.
Multi basic features: - compatible with Turbo Basic XL hide ip 5 3 with crack - it's programs may be loaded with load command, - compatible with Basic XE - it's programs may be loaded with enter command, - MB works with Sparta DOS X and DOS II/D command line.Added by: Adept_zap According to Jurgi's announcement, Adept_zap's Pokey emulation website is now available on our server:.The party will start on the closest Thursday night and it will end on Sunday.Comments (0) Added by: Vasco/Tristesse After many years of keeping the mod in the snowdrift I've decided to publish the soundtrack written for the planned IK conversion.Comments (0) Added by: Jurgi/Tristesse A new version of Atari800.3.4 emulator appeared.
Changes and fixes: - added the walkaround for Atari hardware bug, that caused the missing of some NMI interrupt requests, - possibility to continue the struggle after round end (press Start - no music in this version.
And here you may found the original Black intro, which won the intro compo on Last Party '98.

The interview is only in Polish for now, for English version ask Dracon/Taquart comments (7) Added by: Vasco/Tristesse Chris Hutt is still working on his Space Harrier game conversion to Atari XL/XE.Comments (1) Added by: Vasco/Tristesse As Dely, has announced, on the forthcomig weekend the 24H Compo will take place.The changelog is quite long: - the bug causing boot menu to report "drive does NOT respond" for all drives has been fixed; - the new channel lookup feature of the CIO was impossible to use, fixed as well; - OSS MAC/65.20 compatibility issue.There are also some new screenshots with 'T' letter - overall there are screens from 381 games.ResExcellence Appearance Themes, windows 7 Themes, nice.comments (3) Added by: Jurgi/Tristesse New versions of some already known programs:.1.0, MagoTrans.3 and TAR.1.2 have been released last days.Try going directly to our web site.Comments (4) Added by: Vasco/Tristesse Most probably another Forever 9 is taking place in 14- in Somer Club in Trencin/Slovakia.Fixes and new features: - lines similar to: dta b(value1 b(value2.
But, what's more important, BeWu just comes back!