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With early versions of the SensorTag firmware this is causing a timeout when using the humidity sensor.
When connected with an App, it can simulate 3D scanning beautifully.
Apparently die-hard Safari fans exist, and if you use the built-in Reading List feature youre probably getting all your reading crack a 3 dial combination lock done in there anyway.Supported iOS devices, to use the SensorTag a Bluetooth Smart (4.0 or newer) device is required and the API of the device must support the.The Android SensorTag app is now available on Google Play Google Play SensorTag Supported Android devices To use the SensorTag a Bluetooth Smart (4.0 or newer) device is required and the Android API 18 (Android.3) must be supported.More infomation, app Check and Download, ultimate.0Play with app.Be warned: various studies have shown that speed-reading methods frozen throne patch 1.26e might not be as effective as slower, traditional reading, and may dampen comprehension.Teardown of the TI SensorTag Write your own Bluetooth Smart Sensor App in an Hour Bluetooth SIG webinar on how to write apps for the SensorTag View Webinar recording Rasberry Pi and TI CC2541 SensorTag Thanks to Michael Saunby, the SensorTag is now supported.Bluetooth Dump A simple xCode example of enumerating visible Bluetooth LE devices via Core Bluetooth and locating a TI SensorTag and connecting to it m/jeradesign/BluetoothDump Sensor Tag C# application (blehealthDemo modification) There is modification of blehealth Demo C# application to run with Keyfob and Sensor.A 10 per year subscription is available, as is a 30 per year option that includes five extra licenses as well as another five licenses for low-income students.Since your eyes arent panning and scrolling you can focus on a single spot on your phone and read at a faster clip as the words are swapped out like a fast-moving slideshow.App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Under development and expected to release in May.SensorTag IR temp sensor used for measuring coffee temperature.Makeblock for smart phone Under development and expected to release in May.Bluetooth low energy API.This book includes a lot of details about programming basic for Bluetooth low energy apps Order the book from O'Reilly iOS Apps Development Start Developing iOS Apps Today Bluetooth low energy wiki When you are ready to develop your own firmware for the SensorTag, check.We suggest you install Makeblock program library if using Makeblocks electronic modules.The SensorTag app has been tested on the following Android devices: Nexus 4 (JWR66V) Nexus 7 (2012) (JWR66V) Nexus 7 (2013) (JSS15J) Nexus 5 (KTU84M) Nexus 9 Samsung S4 (JWR66V.S11.130708) HTC One (M7 HTC One M8, HTC One M9 Sony Xperia E1 Support for more.Outread (iOS outread lets you pull from reading lists you already have.He has a video of his mother using the exercise bicycle while he monitors her progress on a Nexus.It's really simple to set everything up and you'll start tinkering in less than 5 mins.If you have tested other Android devices, please join the discussion on the Bluetooth low energy forum NB!
This problem is fixed with the latest version of the SensorTag firmware(1.4).
Ultimate.0FAQ, ultimate.0 is a agship robot kit based on Makeblock platform with rich features and strong compatibility.