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Should I need to rename it to mscr?
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100K.0 Setup Key.Ioji 18th October 2008, 09:12 First post updated with the latest version.I'm going crazy.It does on mine BUT I cannot see any satellites :suicide: Bazzle Edit: Needed the jnkg.5 patch mentioned below hairul 3rd August 2009, 09:40 Mmm.I downloaded all the necessary files motogp 08 patch 1.1 and copied the files onto the SD card.Msajjad 23rd October 2012, 00:06 i need the above mentioned Garmin XT for Win.There is no file in settings folder.Now for all those that complain about certain gps programs you really need to configure them, one of the main reasons people dislike certain ones is the direction they take you when you want it to guide you, there are settings for this, easy, economical.

If I then tap on any of the exe files in the Garmin folder, I only get error messages that it is not a valid CE application.Ncube2 17th August 2010, 17:46 Guys, I am having trouble with GPS not being found, after i installed 20W on my Mio C520 using SD card.Today, I own 115 rental units, which provide more than enough income to support my lifestyle.Hows that for real world?Im only gonna visit him for next month.Maybe you have something else on it using taskbar that conflict.This page is provided to you.