kenwood th-f6 owners manual

This was the main problem I had getting my interface working (besides trying to 3d civil engineering software figure out the pinouts of kenwood jacks).
With TXD (out from the radio) 3-5V, the RxD to PC should be between -5V to -12V.
(Instead of the 6-pin mini-DIN connector, use the.5mm and.5mm phono plugs for the TH-G71).
With the interface connected to the pc, connect a meter to node 7 (negative terminal of the Cap C2).The voltage should be negative (more negative than about -5 or -6V) This is needed to generate a negative voltage back to the PC RxD.If this power is good in the previous steps, but the interface still does not work, recheck the interface to make sure everything is wired up correctly including all ground connections, and the pinouts the serial port DB connector.English (2.70 Mb download, tH-K2AT, english (1.23 Mb download, tH-K2E, english (1.23 Mb download, tH-K2ET, english (1.23 Mb download, tH-K4AT, english (1.23 Mb download, tH-K4E.You should see the files mg71200.exe and readme.2 KB TM-D700.The tips of both plugs are No-connect.Print a few pages at a time, one the ones you need.Using the interface / software.Download a Kenwood Service Repair or Owners Manual, our website is setup to help you find what you are looking for.Download, tH-F6A, english (973 Kb Français (1019 Kb Italiano (864 Kb).This is needed to power the interface from the serial port.Verify power negative (-) side:.
K6AA Field Day 2007 - aprs : 1:38.
Download, tH-D7E, english (2.46 Mb Deutsch (2.60 Mb Español (2.76 Mb).

Mobilstation mit aprs (1k2 und 9k6) von kenwood.You Can Get access to them instantly.Once you buy any of these.Most of Kenwood Communications user manuals are multilanguage, but some user guides are in one language, usually in English.Download, tH-G71A, english (2.70 Mb download, tH-G71E.Hits: 1959 Votes: 5 Rating:.60 kenwood TH - F6A review - JIM baudo, N0UQZ review of th e Kenwood TH - F6A or TH -F7E Hits: 991 Votes: 5 Rating:.00 Software : Radio Programming TH - F6A / TH -F7A / TH -F7E.Refer to ml for the schematic for the PG-4S interface: The DB-9 connector to the PC is the same, but the connector on radio side is different.Programming the TH-G71 See this page for information used to program and control the TH-G71 through a serial port.Otherwise, you won't get the negative voltage in step.English (1.23 Mb download, tM-D700A, deutsch (2.30 Mb download, tM-D700E, deutsch (2.30 Mb download, tM-G707A, english (3.96 Mb Deutsch (4.06 Mb Español (4.00 Mb).Hits: 2816 Votes: 10 Rating:.20 Technical Reference : Radio Programming Cable.
Well, th ere is a difference: one diode.
This is useful if you are interested in how Kenwood's MCP memory control program works, or if you are interested in programming the radio using.