konica c35 ef manual pdf

0658 Olympus.Zuiko Auto-S 50mm.
If no link appears, I have yet to scanned them.Powered by: m (butkus.Org m (PDF files - new site) m ( - duplicate manual listing, try it) - - Still here and still popular.1133 Pentacon Prakticar MC 50mm.Konica SLR site Konica disc camera page Konica instruction manuals, some in html format, some converted to PDF for easy printing Urs Brunner's Konica Collector website, includes online insturction manuals, advertisements, images of many models and more.This would include a corrective optical element.SLR, Konica Bayonet Mount II Edit The mount is also called "AR-mount" or "K/AR Mount".Konishiroku GSK-99 Aerial Camera Konishiroku SK-100 Aerial Camera Konica Type G Aerial Camera Konishiroku and Rokuoh-Sha Aerial Camera Lenses Konica MS-40 (variant of Genba Kantoku/Off Road) X-Ray Camera (Rubicon) X-Ray Film Repro Lenses Film and chemistry Edit The company was an important producer of film.0659 Pentacon auto 50mm.Black White (2002) (loaded with 400 ISO black white film, 18 exp) Film-In 243 ( 2000) (loaded with Centuria 400, 27 exp) 15 also produced as commemorative cameras for events, such as the Tour de France 2005 Film-In 27 Flash ( 2000) (loaded with Centuria.

Kodak Retina I (type 143) 0018, agfa-Box 0050 hp laserjet 2025dn manual 0200, kodak Retina I (type 148) 0016, agfa Clack 0203, kodak Retina Ia (type 015) 0090, agfa Colorflex 0204, kodak Retina Ib (type 018) 0347.2A Brownie Model B 0050 Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2 0055 Kodak.0837 Featuron Zoom 16-25mm.National 015 Photo Flash Battery 22,5 V 0853 Eveready.Konica Tech Report 14,.Advertisement by Konishiroku in December 1937, between.24 and.Essentially a Film-In 243 in a plastic housing also available with marketing imprints, eg Coca-Cola Issimo (1998) (loaded with APS Film ISO400, 25 exp lens: 24/8.5 20 Issimo Mirror Type APS Film ISO400 (1998) 21 Torikkiri Mini (April 1992) 22 Torikkiri Motto Mini Flash Sepia.This page of the. .Any links outside of my site are noted.Unfortunately, it also means that Konica lenses are not easily adapted to other cameras.
It wasn't until many years later with the Konica Hexar RF that they produced their own interchangeable lens rangefinder camera, this time using Leica M-Bayonet mount.