leverage season 4 episode 10

Its taken more than 18 months, but I got my wish that the writers figured out how to bring Jimmy back again to work with his son.
I may be most curious to see how Nate moves forward after learning that his father cared about him enough to sacrifice his life.
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The Van Gogh Job.Please be careful and use only safe alternative sites like Netflix.Nate has been content to leave Latimer alone because none of Latimers hijinks have affected him or the squad.First, from the fact that Jimmy Ford was capable of putting someone elses needs first, but also that the laid back Latimer had used that kind of threat.Did you feel the same?The 15 Minutes Job.It will only take 1 minute of your time and you will only have to do this once.The 10 Li'l Grifters Job.
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The Hot Potato Job.I hope that his last message to Nate helps Nate find closure, though I have a feeling full closure is going to come in the form vista crack that works with samp of bringing Latimer and Victor to their knees next week on the conclusion of this caper.Thats The ge spacemaker washer dryer repair manual Radio Job for you.Emotion swings, excitement at its best, and one of the best Leverage episodes so far.But it took until this episode for us to buy into Jimmy Ford as that kind of parent.The Order 23 Job.The Last Dam Job.We had Parker, Hardison and Eliots initial break.Then we had the emotional side of this episode, as it went in a direction I would never have imagined think it would.Of course, its the goal of any parent to keep their child safe.
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How could you not love the nod to Die Hard from Eliot as he was communicating with Special Agent Dennis Powell?
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