looking for a manual car seater

The answer is easy: the latch is only holding the booster in place during normal use while the seat belt is holding the child in a crash.
Since all harness slot positions on a combo seat are reinforced, you may use any slots above the child's shoulders.
Car Seat Types, car Seat by Child's Age and Size.
If your child has outgrown his infant seat, look at a convertible seat instead of a combo seat.Until child reaches the upper weight limit of the harness (most convertibles now have maximum weight limits higher than 50 lbs.) or when tops of ears reach the top of the plastic part of the seat (press down on the cover to feel for the.Damage the seat as much as you can with a sledgehammer or saw and throw it away in a trash bag so no one can see what it is). Some technicians may remember the specifics of certain seats, however, our main goal is to educate and empower you to know how to find that information yourself, feel confident in your ability to install a seat properly, and how to choose a seat that fits your child correctly.And most are higher (read manual or look for sticker on side of seat buy one that goes to 40 lbs.In a crash, the back seat is the safest place to be, and rear-facing car seats provide extra protection for your childs head, neck and spine.Featuring Side Impact Protection, and an energy-absorbing foam liner, the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat provides industry leading front, rear and side impact protection.The fact is, the overwhelming majority of car seats are mis-intalled, says Ben Hoffman,.D., an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and a certified child passenger safety technician and instructor.Latch connectors installed upside down, not tightening latch strap or using top tether when seat is forward-facing.

Not putting enough weight on the seat as it is being installed.Buckle the harness and the chest clip, and tighten until snug.Not following manufacturer instructions.Product Dimensions - Handle Down.5" W.5" H.5".Place the car seat base in the back seat of your vehicle.How To Install: Read the instruction manuals for both the vehicle your installing the carseat in and the carseat.A combination seat has a 5-point harness that can be used to 40 lbs.Some vehicles with advanced airbags prohibit carseats from touching the front seats.
Use a forward-facing convertible until the child's ears reach the top of the seat (plastic shell the weight limit is reached, or the shoulders are above the top harness slot.
Read your carseat's manual for the harness section or look at the stickers on the side or back of the seat that say "harness." Forward-facing only seats: after a minimum of 2 years of age AND generally 22-65 lbs.