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VT 1) (smash) glass etc romper; branch, stick romper, quebrar ( LAm ground roturar; code descifrar; conspiracy deshacer; drugs ring etc desarticular to break one's back romperse la columna I'm not going to break my back to finish it today no me voy a matar.
) romper 8) ( to make or become known: They gently broke the news of his death to his wife.) partir 3) ( to make or become unusable.) romper, quebrar 2) ( (usually with off/away) to separate (a part) from the whole (by force).) abertura, grieta 4) ( a chance or piece of (good or bad) luck: This is your big break.In the event you loose your guide or even the product would not include an handbook, you can just buy one online.
N 1) (fracture) rotura f ; (in bone) fractura f ; ( fig ) (in relationship) ruptura f to make a break with romper con 2) (gap) (in wall etc) abertura f, brecha f ; (crack) grieta f ; ( Typ ) (on paper etc).

E EL 1197piii - Heavy Duty Color Printing Calculator.) batir 6) ( to interrupt: She broke her journey in London.EL-327S, eL-330A, eL-330ERB, eL-330M, eL-331A, eL-331ERB EL-334F EL-334FB EL-334M EL-334MB EL-335H EL-337CB EL-337M EL-338G EL-339H EL-344R EL-344RB EL-364 EL-364 BBK - El364bbk 12 Digit Slim Design EL-364BBK EL-376SB EL-377MB EL-377T looking for alibrandi study guide pdf EL-480SRB EL-500M EL-500W EL-501V EL-501W EL-501X EL-501xbgr EL-501xbwh EL-503W EL-506V EL-506VB EL-506X EL-506xbwh EL-509 EL-509V.To break surface submarine, diver emerger, salir a la superficie - break the ice spirit., 3) 2) (surpass) record batir, superar 3) (fail to observe) law, rule violar, quebrantar; appointment no acudir a he broke his word/promise faltó a su palabra/promesa to break.To have or take a break descansar, tomarse un descanso to take a weekend break hacer una escapada de fin de semana with a break in her voice con la voz entrecortada a break in the weather un cambio del tiempo without a break sin.) cambio 3) ( an opening.Information ON abortions foesearch paper PDF.
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