manual da camera digital olympus d-390

In the Box The D-390 ships with the following items in the box: D-390 digital camera.
(Which, happily, is accurate enough that it really is a viable option for framing your pictures.) You'll definitely want to get a couple of sets of good, high-capacity NiMH cells though, and a good charger to accompany them.
The following exposure and camera options are available through the Record menu (some options may change depending on the Scene mode selected Movie / Photo : Toggles the camera between Movie and Photo Record mode.As always, I recommend picking up an extra set of rechargeable batteries, and keeping a spare set freshly charged at all times.Recommended Software: Rescue your images!Menu / OK Button : Below the Four-Way Arrow pad, this button calls up the settings menu in both Record and Playback modes.Not surprisingly, Olympus has also made a strong showing in the digicam marketplace, building a diverse line magic bullet looks 2 user manual of successful consumer and prosumer cameras, ranging from pure entry-level, point-and-shoot digicams to the excellent pro-level E-20 SLR.Chromatic aberration is nonexistent, though I did notice some odd pink streaks at the top of the frame on the resolution target.Its worst-case capture-mode run time with a set of 1600 mAh (true, not advertised) NiMH AA cells is just over 100 minutes, not bad given the limited power source.Special Features QuickTime movies (without sound).The optional AC adapter might be useful for time-consuming tasks like downloading images to a computer, but frankly, a couple of sets of high-capacity rechargeable AA cells and a good charger largely eliminate the need for.Exposure Compensation : Increases or decreases the overall exposure from -2.0.0 exposure values (EV) in one-half-step increments.Info : Activates a more detailed information display of exposure settings for each captured image, which displays for a few seconds and then disappears.I found "strong detail" out to at least 800 lines in both directions.As with many Olympus cameras, a panorama mode is available when using special Olympus xD-Picture Cards, which records as many as 10 consecutive images to blend into one panoramic image.
Dpof : Marks sinclair zx spectrum emulator the displayed image, or all images on the card, for printing on a dpof (Digital Print Order Format) compatible printer.
Just as important as an extra memory card is a tool to rescue your images when one of your cards fails at some point in the future.

Finally, the D-390 has a Movie mode that records moving images (without sound) for as long as the memory card has available space, at either 320 x 240 or 160 x 120 pixels.If your digital camera is other than above listed models or need camedia Master series, please contact.(For example, the top lamp flashes orange when the flash is charging, and the bottom green lamp indicates when focus is set.) Control buttons on the rear panel include the Four-Way Arrow pad (with multi-functional keys a Display button, and a Menu / OK button.Metering : Enables or disables the Spot metering mode.Keep in mind though that digital zoom simply enlarges the center pixels of the CCD, which usually results in lower image quality and softer details.Skin tones were splotchy with strong yellow and red highlights regardless of the light source, and the blue flowers of the outdoor and indoor portraits were dark and purplish (although this is a common problem among digicams).Even in shots where reds weren't terribly strong, the camera tended to oversaturate them dramatically.The shortcut screen quickly takes you to often-changed settings, which makes operation even easier.Index Display : Determines whether 4, 9, or 16 images are displayed on the Index Display screen.Exposure control is automatic, although four preset Scene modes can handle tricky situations.The D-390 has a fixed, 5mm lens (equivalent to a 38mm lens on a 35mm camera with a maximum aperture setting of f/2.8.
With a street price of only 149, the D-390 is a good value, but I'd encourage readers to shop around for a model with better color handling, and/or save their pennies for one of Olympus' higher-end models.
In the normal full-frame view, an information overlay briefly appears on the screen as you scroll to each image.