minolta spad 502 manual

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Indian Phytopathology 24, 418419.Direct sensor comparisons one-to-one.Da Luz WC, Bergstrom GC (1986) Distribution, prevalence, and severity of fungal foliar diseases of spring wheat in New York in 19Plant Disease 70, 842847.For all three index types we examined the relationship with the vegetation variables measured on the ground by using a cross-validation procedure.(Minolta Co Ltd: Osaka) Murdock L, Jones S, Bowley C, Needham P, James J, Howe P (1997) Using a chlorophyll meter to make nitrogen recommendation on wheat.Casler MD, Ehlke NJ (1985) Sample size and experimental design for detecting differential anatomical composition of smooth bromegrass stems and leaves.The prediction of Chl-spad with reflectance VIs leads to greater prediction accuracy compared with published VIs as well as difference VIs.(2009) for leaf digimon game boy advance games thickness, fresh leaf mass per area (succulence dry leaf mass per area (LMA) and leaf water content, and by for cuticle reflectance.So, each sensor type has to be calibrated for the plant species of interest by extractive wet chemistry (e.g.The investigated overlap effects for the published VIs did not result in an explicit responsiveness of the spectral response to the measured vegetation parameters.Comparison of different model equations for the three sensors.Das MK, Rajaram S, Mundt CC, Kronstad WE (1992) Inheritance of slow rusting resistance to leaf rust in wheat.Plant Breeding 123, 520524.No index shows an explicit spectral signal for a single vegetation parameter.Click here to view.Indian Phytopathology 41, 376380.

Weed Research 14, 415421.Bisen PS, Channy B (1983) Some observations on the surface of wheat leaves during the early stages of infection.Siddique AB, Hossain MH, Duveiller E, Sharma RC (2006) Progress in wheat resistance to spot blotch in Bangladesh.Journal of Phytopathology 154, 1622.Indeed, there is a very good correlation between Flav and LMA because both are controlled by the irradiance under which the leaf was grown so the Chl/Flav ratio would correspond to an LMA-corrected Chl,.e.Irrespective of all these problems, non-destructively measured leaf Chl content was used as a surrogate for leaf nitrogen (N) in plant productivity research (e.g.Vogelmann 1993 ) modeled recently for spad.
This new index called NBI (nitrogen balance index) is more of an indicator of C/N allocation changes due to N-deficiency than a measure of leaf nitrogen content per se (.
Chl on mass basis.