need 3.80 psp update

Unzip the PatchSFO eboot to X:pspgamepatchSFO and the.50 eboot.
If, on the other hand, you want to follow the easy method (which for now I recommend please keep reading.
I only suggest this method if you actually own this game, dont go running to the store to get a copy.To install the.60 Firmware, just unzip the archive on your css basic tutorial pdf PSPs memory stick, in the PSP folder (you should end up with an update folder in the PSP folder, if you do things correctly then run the update from your PSP menu.Most people use the sleep mode 90 of the time without ever realizing.Youll see a black screen with some numbers.Custom firmware allow you to run homebrew. .To do so, go to Photo - Memory Stickâ, and hold the start button while hovering over the eLoader folder.Drop the PSP folder in your PSPs root (main folder).Latest Version :.60, release Date: 2011/08/10, notes for this version: Official statement: "minor update scene statement: fixes the.39 Kernel exploit.(Some additional links are pending review for this version).
Next, youll encounter one last confirmation screen, press X to continue.

Then go to Game - Memory Stickâ and open pspâ Update ver.03.People found out that it was possible to run tiny bits of code through tiff files.Do not try to open the installer with eLoader, as eLoader and xLoader are two totally different applications.I found my old PSP and decided I'd put some emulators on it, snes, Game Boy, etc.Press X to do the update, this one will go real quick.Rename the.50 eboot.
If (though this is very unlikely) your PSP is still equiped with FW version.00, youll have to upgrade.50.
Step Two: File Placement, go to Settings - USB Connection.