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Spearheading the more aggressive faction was Kyp Durron, while Luke Skywalker led a more defensive position.
30 During this period, research missions increased, with investigation on such planets as Chandrila, 29 Ossus, 31 Kamino, 31 Korriban, 32 Ruusan, 33 Barab I, 31 34 and Borgo Prime.
It's not the old Jedi order, nor should.
66 The new Jedi Order also restored the title of Jedi battlemaster, which was bestowed on Kyle Katarn.By the end of the Swarm War, Luke Skywalker officially claimed the title Grand Master of the Jedi Order.42 Junior Jedi Academy ( 22 25 ABY ) Edit After his wedding, Luke Skywalker altered the instruction schedule of his Yavin training center to accommodate the training of younger students.The Order went into hiding, pursued by both the Sith and by bounty hunters eager to claim the substantial rewards offered for capture of live Jedi.It comes from understanding the Force.45 These two Jedi along with Tionne Solusar, Uldir Lochett and R2-D2 also discovered the holocron of the ancient Jedi Asli Krimsan at Bast Castle on Vjun, 35 and Kenobi's lightsaber arfken 7th edition solution manual 46 and thwarted Orloc 's attempts to start his own Jedi Order.In the subsequent battle, Vila was killed, and Flint was arrested and put into the custody of the New Republic.Other gains made were the redemption of Kam and the acquisition of the Bodo Baas holocron.29 Luke Skywalker also constructed a shorter lightsaber, known as a shoto, to fight Lumiya during the Nagai-Tof War.However, in doing so, Skywalker succumbed to the influence of the dark side.While Hamner sought to appease Daala he also unofficially sanctioned Jaina Solo's creation of a covert Jedi group, known as Darkmeld, which actively worked to undermine Daala's efforts to take control of the Order.Faced with a seemingly unbeatable foe, Skywalker decided to train under the Emperor in order to undermine the Empire from within.It was returned to the Jedi in 138 ABY.However, he gained an appreciation of his own strength, and a deeper realization of what it would cost to return the Jedi Knights to the galaxy.56 Jysella Horn later contracted the same illness and was captured by Galactic Alliance Security after escaping from the Jedi Temple and, like her brother, was frozen in carbonite.Divided into Medium style, Fast style and Strong style, the forms of combat which were finally developed and refined seem to be an amalgamation of the old and the new, further bridging the old Jedi Order with the new.
6 Luke's hesitance to take on an apprentice continued until he faced the consequences of his reluctant viewpoint.

" Koro Ziil src Following the Second Galactic Civil War the Order's ranks would rise to over a thousand Jedi.14 During his travels, he had discovered a number of Force-sensitives and finally felt ready to begin to train new Jedi.When Luke began instructing new recruits to the Rebellion in warfare, recruits such as Kiro, Barney and the Rik Duel gang, they assumed that Luke would be teaching them to wield the Force but were disappointed when Luke refused to school them in Force techniques." I don't propose that we place ourselves in seclusion and pass our days meditating on the Forcethough that might be the path for some.The Hidden Temple ; a secret haven dating from the time of the Great Jedi Purge.16 Along with Kam's own knowledge, there may have been additional teachings from the Jensaarai, their founders being Jedi Knights and Padawans who would likely still have knowledge on the original lightsaber forms used by the Jedi of old.Some of this conflict was resolved with the establishment of a Masters' Council, seeking to create a unified response for all Jedi.Ossus Jedi Academy ; after the Yuuzhan Vong War, this facility was established to replace the lost Praxeum on Yavin.This ideal, and his enhanced powers made Luke the first new Jedi Master of the reborn Jedi Order.Many members of the order went to the Hidden Temple and took refuge there until discovered by Cade Skywalker.On the run from Imperial forces, Luke and Leia gathered around them a cadre of Force-sensitives that Luke began to instruct.
The fate of the Jedi now rests with leaders who are weaker and less experienced than you.