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La saga consta de 5 libros de los cuales solo 3 han sido publicados en español actualmente.
Alex enrolls as a new student to investigate and find her sister.
The first was released in April 2009.
Much later in the book she has another vision, after Noh, J, and Terrance have been defeated by an unknown force.She is one of the Sohrem, and is the person Marina (another of the Sohrem) keeps referring.This is an ordinary high school during the day that transforms at sundown into a safe institution for Weirns, Vampires, Werewolves and other supernatural beings.Muchas piezas se han ido de serio juego que está teniendo lugar Cimmeria.Like Alex, she is also able to use magic.Plus personne ne peut se cacher.Létablissement est fréquenté par un fascinant mélange de surdoués, de rebelles et denfants de millionnaires.Contents "Nightschool answers the age-old question Where do demons get their diplomas?".Al encontrar un refugio en un lugar secreto al sur de Francia, Allie casi está convencida de que está a salvo, hasta que los guardas de Nathaniel atacan.Mr Roi, Daemon, and Madam Chen stopped the Sohrem using a highly powerful time-altering spell known as the Reave to change several things in the past, such as saving Theo's son, lux thermostat user manual bringing the stolen time back, and temporarily sealing the Sohrem individually.Murrey A teacher at the Nightschool gamestop games annie's millions who teaches Astral Control, she was Alex's teacher before realising that Alex's astral control was University Level.Et le message de la Night School est clair : pour pouvoir dominer le monde, il faut renoncer à sa vie propre et se dévouer corps et âme à lOrganisation.
Cruel, déchirant, le plus difficile de sa vie.
The 2nd book (.

Teresa A hunter in-training apprenticed to Daemon.Erin/Eron, erin/Eron is a shapeshifter.She is powerful enough to revert people back to humans if they have just become a vampire.He is one of the two best Hunters.According to the Hunters, all vampires eventually turn to rippers if they survive long enough.I understood her reasons and actually approved a bit of her actions.Alex, at times, says or does things and wonders why or forgets entirely.
She fights using stakes and throwing daggers.