olympus camedia c-4000 manual

3x zoom lens.5-19.5mm (32-96mm equivalent) 4 Megapixel (1/1.8 CCD for up to 2288x1712 pixel images.
There is one more minor problem with the co-operation between the FL-40 and the C-5050Z.
The new Olympus FL-50, as of late 2003 the FL-40 is being replaced with the newer FL-50 (priced even game twisted metal 4 for pc full higher than its predecessor).
TruePic VII processing engine, and speedy.1 frames per second burst shooting.On the E-10 and E-20 the "TTL Auto" goes on as soon as I mount the flash, and this clearly is how things should.Olympus global, retrieved F-1 QD 1987 AF-10 1987 AF-F-1 Super AF-1 Super Data AF-1 Twin AF-1 Twin QD AF-10 Super AF-10 Super QD AF-10 Twin AF-10 Twin QD AF-1 Mini AF-1 Mini QD AF-F-10 XB 1998 iS series, also mikroc pro for pic book known as L series (mostly.When two values of GN are given, the first one is applicable to the widest zoom head setting (comparable to the other units while the second one to the longest position.As you can see, you don't get much out of the default card if you want high quality images.Program AE, Shutter-speed priority, Aperture priority and full Manual exposure modes.8 - f11 aperture settings 1/1000 to 16 second shutter speeds iESP auto TTL white balance with presets.Regarding the latter, exactly the opposite is true: the communication is established when the monitor is turned on (neither option is too smart).Adjustable image sharpness and contrast, automatic pixel mapping (maps out bad pixels).The C-4000 zoom is extremely easy to use.References, olympus AZ-2 Zoom.0.8 optical zoom, olympus Europe, retrieved, c series, also referred.2001 Olympus - C-2, archived from the original on January 3, 2009, retrieved 11 September 2009 C-2 Zoom.0 2002 Olympus global, retrieved C-21.1 1999 Olympus C-120.0 also known as D-380 Olympus C-150.0 Olympus UK Olympus C-160.2 also known as D-395.Only Olympus OM-1 1973 No winder / motor coupling Olympus OM-1 MD Motor Drive coupling Olympus OM-1n Flash Ready LED Olympus OM st "consumer grade" OM Olympus OM-1987 Olympus OM aperture priority, ttl flash, OTF metering Olympus OM-2n Olympus OM-2 spot/program Full auto, spot metering.
Very similar to the E-420 with added art filters.
First, the head has only two extreme zoom positions; secondly, it stays in the "wide" setting almost all the time, moving to "tele" only just before the camera lens reaches the longest focal length (at EFL about 100 mm).

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Retrieved March 8, 2015.Therefore if you want a powerful, fully integrated flash for your C-5050Z or C-5060WZ, go for the older unit, as it will be less expensive.Equipped with.0 large-aperture 3 zoom lens.3 zoom lens 1999 Olympus global, retrieved Olympus C-2000 Zoom.11 Was a high-end compact digital camera (when it was launched).The included 16Mb card will hold approximately 2 tiffs, 5 SHQ (Super High Quality 15HQ (High Quality or 47/160 standard sized images.I'm not the only one initially confused by this behavior: for the last few months I'm getting email complaints on this subject every week or two.July 2009 Olympus America, retrieved June 26, 2009 Olympus PEN E-P2.3 An upgrade to the PEN E-P1.Set the camera zoom to wide angle, then press the zoom button on the flash to move the head to the Tele position.My camera through those years was the Pentax K-1000.3 optical zoom, 4 digital zoom September 2007 Olympus FE-290.1 4 optical zoom, 4 digital zoom September 2007 Olympus FE-300.0 3 optical zoom, 4 digital zoom September 2007 Olympus FE-3000.0 3 optical zoom, 4 digital zoom January 2009 Olympus FE-3010.0.21-105mm, the widest among waterproof cameras.