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The hopper was loaded with engineered grass seed balls and the robotic dozer was sent robotically into the work area.
RFIs proprietary Robotic System and Programming have been successfully applied on multiple MR projects.Kansas Army Ammunition Plant, Parsons, KS March 20 Robotic and Up-Armored Excavation, Characterization, and Material Processing of the Open Detonation (OD) Kick-Out Area, Munitions Test Areas, and Expanded Furnace and Mortar Area located at Kansas Army Ammunition Plant (ksaap) in Parsons, Kansas for Kansas City.RFI amended the soil with quicklime to increase the pH in the materials, reduce plasticity, and reduce moisture content to make mechanical screening practical and more efficient than excavation and manual MEC clearance of excavated soils.Expected completion date 2018.This greatly improved the soil sifting process and projected production was achieved.Raritan, NJ May 2012 Robotic Vegetation Removal at Raritan, NJ for Integration Innovation, Inc.This task was completed by two RFI Operators, the CMI-450 Mulching system and the CMI-175 Mulching system.The same area was then swept with a CAT-325 Excavator with a 57 electromagnet (Magnetic UXO Recovery System or murs) in an effort to remove ferrous metals. .Robotic vegetation removal of 1576 acres of Pine and Cypress forests in uplands and swamps.All field work was performed using by three RFI operators.Equipment included a Power Screen Crusher, doosan 225 excavator, 2000-gallon water truck, JD 644 Wheeled Loader. .A total of 82 acres was cleared using robotic SK300 tracked mulcher and robotic MD-70 skid steer machines operated by a 2-person team of RFI robotic operators.A total of 435 acres were successfully cleared using two robotic Bandit Industries Mulchers, a robotic CMI-175 Twister, and a robotic SK-300 Mulcher. .
Bense Farms, Panama City, FL, march 2017, manual clearing of 37 acres for additional housing development.

RFI Technicians manually clear high density wooded areas for additional housing development in Panama City. .Removed all work benches, lab test equipment, and rewired the interior lights.Robotically excavated and sifted 3,600 cubic yards of soil contaminated with mppeh, loaded trucks with timber for offsite disposal; loaded trucks with miscellaneous steel to be hauled offsite, built a large rock berm along the silt fence already installed on site, installed small rock/gravel and.Orange Country, FL September October 2014 UXO Avoidance Services, Wetland Delineation and Boundary Surveys for Orange County, FL RFI provided two qualified UXO technicians (Level II) to support the field activities associated with a two month wetlands delineation and boundary surveying on private property.Performed annual maintenance and all necessary repairs on all 4 Hydrema Mine Flails returning them to operational status, re-skinned three transport trailers, and modified an existing mobile lab trailer into an equipment transport trailer. .RFI Technicians removed 29 Solar heating panels, 3 nrt s09 nac chart pdf control boxes and the associated duct work from bldg 1117, Tyndall AFB. .All equipment was operated by RFIs 2-person team of robotic operators.To help improve RFIs productivity, larger equipment with more capacity was deployed to complete the project in accordance with the planned schedule.
Robotic vegetation removal of 218 acres of stumps, trees, and other vegetation at the MEC laden drop zone to help with the safe deployment of troops on the range at Fort McCoy Live-Fire and Testing Training Range (Badger Drop Zone, North Impact Area, and Range.
Provided range maintenance support services in the form of tree and vegetation removal in designated Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) contaminated areas located at Fort AP Hill, Virginia.