patch up wall hole

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She sewed a patch on the knee of her jeans.N ( piece of cloth, material ) toppa, pezza ; ( on tyre ) toppa ; ( eye patch ) benda ; ( area of colour, spot ) macchia ; ( piece of land ) appezzamento, pezzo a patch of blue sky un pezzetto.Seam sealant is sold at most fabric and craft stores, and it taco bell and employee manual can be a useful addition to your sewing workbasket.Slip the needle through the cloth, and carefully weave the thread in and out of the cloth.8, this isn't going to be a "pretty fix but it should be serviceable.The Flash security announcement (apsb14-18) runs to an ploddingly long 1500 words or so, but most of those words comprise an extensive and apparently complete table of versions and version number changes.This can help make the fix more sustainable.
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This piece will be used as the patch to cover the hole.If unsure, try laying the thread over the torn area for reference.Clean the surface for a distance of about around this hole.Tin this spot on both sides.Continue with a new needle.The in-and-out sewing motion will take up a lot of thread, and you'll also need a bit more thread than the needle's length in order to tie the final knot.
Clean a spot about 3/4" in diameter on both sides of the metal.
They soon patched up their disagreement.