pdf file requires a postscript printer driver

Scripting engine is only initialized if macro files are present.
Default GUI timeout was changed from 0 to 10 minutes for a better merging experience.
Balloon tip notification when the PDF is created.
(2) Supports printing in Window Vista Internet Explorer running in protected mode.Support manual pool cleaning equipment Windows 2000 was discontinued.Print to printer after output is created.More memtest86 64 bit iso image formats are now supported (BMP, jpeg, PCX, PDF, PNG, tiff).Support for Windows Vista.Mapped printers are not shown in Citrix and Terminal Server sessions.Malay language was added.New AfterPrintProgramDir setting in configuration files.Updated translations (Hungarian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian, Serbian).New Feature: Set document properties.New setting zoom is now supported by the user interface.Updated translations (Brazilian Portuguese, Slovenian, Ukrainian, British English, Australian English, Polish, Japanese).Temp files are now written to the temp folder below the application folder.Fixes installation error: Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000704).Support for pdftk in superimpose operations.There was a problem with the notation such as F1 when used together with the pdftk.
(6) Smarttitle macro updated to filter out the Compatibility Mode tag in Microsoft Office.

New /share switch for the setup program to enable network sharing on print servers.UNC roots are now valid destinations.The home page icon will not be installed in the start menu when this parameter is specified.(9) Fix for writing configuration files.Setting suppresserrors is default set.Updated translations (Czech, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish).OwnerPassword and UserPassword settings now support macros.(88 document Collector program added to help merge documents.