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You have to add the count of rows in the formula which you have skipped.
Sub AddSerialNumbers Dim i As Integer On Error GoTo Last i InputBox Enter Value "Enter Serial Numbers For i 1 To i lue i ActiveCell.Here are the steps.Important Notes: This also a dynamic method to add serial numbers.This is a dynamic method to use in your data.Now, lets say you want to add serial numbers up to 10000 or 100000.(G1 is the starting cell here.).I separated my answers because they're very different approaches.Run the script before you print.Important Notes: This also a dynamic method to add serial numbers to your worksheet.
Then, find a place to store some data.
Use ROW Function To Add Serial Numbers In Excel.

Lets try these simple steps.Simply sign in with your, adobe ID to activate your membership.Using row function is an effective way to insert serial numbers in your worksheet.If you try to drag by using only 1, it will start to repeat 1 in all cells.I hope you have your favorite one to add a serial number in excel.You could generate and place the text frame via scripting as well.So, today Ill show you 6 grand cherokee user manual 2006 quick methods to automatically add serial numbers in excel.Make the text frame and name it by going into the Layers palette and doing a slow double click on the text frame name listed there.