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Percy himself; in the books he's a typical 12 year old child.
See more » Goofs In one scene, when Percy is new to the camp, he Chiron are talking alone by grand iv crack patch the lake.Awards: The books in the series have won numerous awards.Poseidon : It's been many years Zeus : What do you see?D says there is no electricity due to monsters sensing.Informed Ability : We are told that Annabeth is a wise combat schemer, probably a combat pragmatist, but in the movie she offers no actual aid to the heroes and manual cyber link rapidshare just kind of acts like a tag-along child with specks of damsel in distress.Hades has the appearance and mannerisms of a Heavy Metal star.Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a lively mixture of fantasy, adventure and Greek mythology, with touches of humor thrown in, told from the perspective of a middle school student with problems, Percy Jackson.
Every bad guy saying that Percy can't stop them because he's destined to destroy Mount Olympus even though the prophecy explicitly states he will have the chance to save.
Annabeth : To have FUN!

It's mentioned that Medusa's eyes need to be opened to activate her power from her decapitated head.Adaptational Wimp : The Princess Andromeda, Luke's cruise ship from the books, is here portrayed as a yacht.And was he wearing a kilt?Percy slicing off the Hydra's heads, not knowing that it would come back with ten instead of five.Country: UK, canada, uSA, language: English Greek, Ancient (to 1453) Release Date: 11 February 2010 (Germany) See more » Also Known As: Percy Jackson: Diebe im Olymp See more » Filming Locations: Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA See more » Box Office.Now, this is Camp Half-Blood.In the sequel, UPS is revealed as being secretly run by Hermes.The movie focused more on her toughness and made her a lot more abrasive, making her more like Clarisse from the books.Talking the Monster to Death : Inverted by Medusa, who manages to get a random woman to open her eyes and be turned to stone simply by talking to her.Despite supposedly being the best fighter in the camp, she's easily beaten by Percy once he's told how to use his powers, is completely helpless against Medusa, isn't able to recognize when they've been enticed by the lotus eaters until after they escape (due.The Lightning Thief percy Jackson the Olympians, Book One hardcover: 384 pages (Disney-Hyperion, 2005.