pickett n4-es slide rule manual

You can see the detailed info on the new design here.
Pickett N909-ES simplex trig rule with metric conversion.
(2 Scales) Front - C, D Back - Blank sorry, sold Includes case W/ attached manual Click for a bigger PIC!Manually right-click on and save the images of the: - front stator top, - front slider - front stator bottom.A neat little 4 inch circular rule used to determine camera lens performance/field of view with various different CCD cameras with image areas from 1 inch to 1/4 inch.Your site is very math-fun, with the slide rules that bizhub c250 service manual are so very life-like.3/8 inch converted.3750 inches and.52500mm, and so forth.Pickett N3-T power LOG exponential LOG LOG dual base.We have had many requests for this rule from all over the world, this is the first one we have had available for sale in a year, excellent condition.File 3 - h259d3.zip -.94 MB (2,040,705 bytes).This has a few surface scuffs, but as you can see, they do not afffect operation at all.A v ery handy rule for quick conversions of temperature, length, volume, weight and area, plus an extra C/D scale set for general calculations.
The 600CE is a compact 2 1/2 inch pocket circular slide rule, attached to a rectangular data center card (with side inch/cm rulers) complete with pull-out chemical data insert.
Has unusual, fractional conversion scales as well as regular scales.

Ideal for those in any general science area working with metric units.No Image Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer Instructions There are two scans in 1 zip file.B., Michigan answer: Thanks,., I'm glad you liked it!These 50mm diameter coins are heavy and thick (5mm not a flimsy plastic item, but a solid metal good luck piece or pocket fancy you will enjoy for a long time.R., Yes, go right ahead.This version does both days and weeks from now (or any date) to any date.The rear side has a C/F temperature scale, inch and centimeter rulers and a nice table of constants.Click body by fisher service manuals TO order pickett Model 104C Pocket Profit Calculator.
The app can be downloaded.