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Download Polar CS Speed Sensor User Manual pdf.
The Polar training computer and tektronix tds 3012b oscilloscope manual sensor that came with the product set have already been synchronized but teaching is necessary when you start using a new sensor.A wireless speed sensor measures speed and distance during cycling.CS100b set does not include a transmitter, but you can buy it as an accessory product.Free registration gives you access to a personalized training program, training diary, useful articles, and much more.Polar Web Services m is a complete web service tailored to support your training goals.In this user manual we can find information like remote sensors, sensor, wind, maintenance, and wind sensors.User Manual for stalker Pro II Speed Sensor.The electrode areas on the back of the transmitter detect your heart rate.The transmitter sends your heart rate signal to the cycling computer.Polar Bike Mount, secure the bike mount to your bike and attach the cycling computer.Many explanation around device, equipment, the speed sensor, electronic devices, and sensor are described inside the user manual.Also, this user manual tells you info regarding batteries, harmful interference, distance, and installation.
Speed Sensor Teaching Your new speed sensor must be introduced to your Polar training computer in order to receive speed and distance data.

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File size:.415 MB, number of pages: 2, download server:.1.1 product elements, the Polar cycling computer package consists of the following parts: Cycling Computer, the cycling computer displays and records your cycling and exercise data during exercise.B G Ultrasonic Speed Sensor Installation User Manual.Related Downloads, speed Sensor.I.N.D.Here are grabbed from the user manual: polar CS speed sensor.I.N.D.An elastic strap holds the transmitter around your chest.The information relevant to using the product with the transmitter is in blue text.